December 18, 2011 admin

SGPC directed to retire its employees at 58

Amritsar, December 18th 2011 (BharatSandesh News):– The Sikh Gurdwara Judicial Commission in a order to SGPC has directed to remove all the SGPC employees who have crossed the age of 58 while deciding the petition filed by Sikh Organization Panch Pardhani.
Commission in its order made it cleared that all such employees in the administrative wing would not be spared who were given extension or re-employment by the SGPC after retirement. Commission categorically said that order would not applicable for such employees who were on religious duties like preachers, priests and Ragis.
However, earlier, a year back, SGPC executive committee headed by President Avtar Singh Makkar has passed resolution wherein various SGPC employees who crossed the age of 58 were given extension and reemployment till further orders. But SGJC in its orders annulled the resolution which was passed by the SGPC in past.
Many SGPC employees who were retired after the age of 58 were re-employed and given their previous positions. SGJC in strict words also restrained SGPC to give re-employment to retried employees who was above the age of 58, if so to be sent home.
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