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SAD-BJP kick start poll campaign with Maha Vikas Rally at Moga



Killi Chahalan (Moga) December 18th 2011 (Bharat Sandesh News):– The biggest ever historic Vikas rally of the Shiromani Akali Dal here, while shutting the doors on the Congress, paved the way for creating history by facilitating another five year term for the Akali Dal-BJP alliance government in the state riding the path of infrastructure centric and people oriented path of development while at the same time laying emphasis on the preservation of the precious heritage. The Sant Samaj extended unstinted support to the Akali Dal in this fight against the Congress which is now going to be totally decimated.

Gracing the occasion was the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Mrs. Sushma Swaraj who was all praise for the statesman Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and the visionary and dynamic Shiromani Akali Dal President and the Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal both of whom shared their vision for the future with the people of making Punjab  not only number one state in the country but in the entire world.

Addressing the mammoth ‘Maha Vikas Rally’ (mega development rally) attended by more than 10 lakh people across the state here to virtually kick start the election campaign of SAD-BJP alliance, Patron of Shiromani Akali Dal and Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Parkash Singh Badal said that it was a historic day and golden moment in his long political career spanning over six decades during which he had never seen such a massive rally at any point of time in any country, state and world.  He said: “I am overwhelmed by the tremendous response of the people who have converged here to attend this historic rally and the entire credit for its success goes to the workers and the youth which deserved all appreciation, hence I salute them for their massive support”.  He said he was confident that parties having such a huge support base could never fail in their mission. Sardar Badal mentioned that the impressive gathering on the occasion reflected two factors, firstly the people of the state reposed their full faith and confidence in the policies and programmes of our government and secondly they were all out to extend their whole hearted cooperation and unstinted support to form the next government of SAD-BJP. 

Slamming the UPA led Congress government which had miserably failed on all fronts in controlling inflation, checking corruption and safeguarding the security and integrity of the country from the external and internal aggression, Sardar Badal said it was shameful on the part of the Congress probably which had ruled for a long time in the states as well as in the country as compared to any other party in the world but the net result was its utter failure of intelligence and national security.  Sardar Badal lamented unfortunately we have been led by Congress party which had exploited us despite the fact the countrymen knew neither they nor the nation was safe in its hands as the country was functioning at the mercy of God sans security, intelligence besides sheer exploitation of the common man due to uncontrollable inflation.  Moreover, the rampant corruption which has eaten up the entire administrative system like termite has left the people in lurch.  He said most of the senior most cabinet ministers and top bureaucrats of the present UPA government were behind bars and the needle of suspicion was also being pointed towards even the most powerful considered ministers in the council of ministers having portfolios of Home and External Affairs. 

Sardar Badal rued despite of Punjab’s tremendous contribution in the development of the country as well as its role in freedom struggle, Punjabis have been constantly meted out a step motherly treatment by the Centre in every field be it agriculture, industry and defence.  He said the unforgettable events like operation blue star and subsequent 1984 Sikh riots perpetrated by the Congress had even surpassed the oppression and tyranny    inflicted upon the psyche of Sikhs than that even of the era of  mughal emperors and British raj.  Our people also suffered the brunt of partition happily with a consolation that at least our country had attained freedom but the discrimination by the Central Congress leadership ever remained an unending saga of agonies, added Sardar Badal. 

Sardar Badal reiterated that the SAD -BJP alliance would contest the forthcoming assembly polls on the sole plank of development, peace and communal harmony to rule in Punjab for next 25 years because the politics of vendetta as started by the previous congress regime has been totally rejected by the people and was now redundant because they believed in politics of positivism meaning thereby overall development and prosperity besides the welfare of all sections of the society.  He said the SAD-BJP government was sensitized to the grass root problems of the people and therefore, it had introduced several  pro-poor schemes like Atta-Dal, Shagun, 5 marla free plots to SC/BC, free distribution of cycles of girl students under Mai Bhago Vidya scheme etc., on the contrary the Congress blatantly ignored this section of the society.  He said it was the bounden duty of any government to redress the grievances of the people in a democratic system and Sangat Darshan programme launched by our government was a step in this direction.  He said Punjab was the only state which had given free power worth Rs.3800 crore to the farmers for tubewells.  On the contrary Congress led UPA government had not even bothered to give them remunerative prices of their crops despite their tremendous contribution in making our country self reliant in food production.  He blamed the Centre for its wrong policies in farm sector which had put an additional burden of debt worth Rs.32000 crore on the beleaguered peasantry of the state.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal, President Shiromani Akali Dal and Deputy Chief Minister Punjab, said that the love and affection shown by party cadre in this ‘Maha Vikas Rally’ is reflective of the resolve of people of Punjab, who have made up their mind to give repeat mandate to SAD-BJP alliance for next 25 years. Mr. Badal said that S. Parkash Singh Badal, had a 60 years long political career full of personal and political sacrifices and this election would be perhaps his last elections as MLA. He said that let us take a vow to make S. Parkash Singh Badal for the 5th time that would be the perfect farewell gift for a statesman like S. Badal. Recalling his childhood days in emotionally choked voice, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal recalled that he as a school child felt always deprived of the fact that his father never accompanied him to the school. He said that nobody can measure the sacrifice of Mr. Badal, who could not do ‘Kanyadaan’ of her only daughter as he was jailed by Congress Party. He said that S. Badal refused to seek bail as he felt that sacrifice for the country was more important than her only daughter’s marriage.

Listing out the development initiatives of SAD-BJP government, the SAD President said that Punjab has witnessed the kind of development during last five years that it had not witnessed in 60 years after independence. He said that SAD-BJP government was seeking mandate of development plank and people of Punjab are set to give their blessings to this government for next 25 years. Mr. Badal said that massive development in the road-infrastructure sector, government employment to 1.17 lakh youth in the most transparent manner, computerization of land record by setting up 156 Fard Kenders, enactment of Right to Service Act to make bureaucracy accountable to the people of Punjab were the landmark initiatives of the SAD-BJP government making congress panicky. He said that during the massive recruitment drive every single recruitment was on merit and not a single person can raise a finger on any recruitment in contrast to ban on recruitment imposed by Amarinder’s regime. Mr. Badal reminded the people that Amarinder if elected to Power would withdraw all people friendly schemes besides stopping free power to farmers and poor people.

Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha Mrs Sushma Swaraj said that the massive gathering in rally was symbol of victory of alliance in the coming assembly polls. She said when they have a glance on the contributions of their government they feel proud of themselves as they have fulfilled all our promises made to the people in previous state assembly elections held in year 2007. However she said on the other hand when they look at the failures of Congress led UPA government at the centre they feel ashamed because the Union government has lost its credibility due to high inflation and rampant corruption. Lambasting the Union government she said it has made the life of people miserable by putting burden on common man’s kitchen. Likewise Mrs. Swaraj said the agricultural inputs have increased a lot but in the absence of remunerative prices, marketing strategy and storage facilities on the part of Union government the farmers of state were reeling under the burden of debt. She said owing to wrong policies of Union government the golden grain produced in the fields is being decayed, much to the dismay of the farmers. Mrs Swaraj said it is for the first time in history of country that CAG has unearthed the scams of government but instead of owing its responsibility they are putting the blame on its allies. She said the congress led UPA was the most corrupt government in the history of Indian polity.  Mrs Swaraj dared the UPA government to stop plundering of state exchequer and bring back the black money stashed in foreign banks for giving reprieve to countrymen by controlling the inflation.

In his address National General Secretary of BJP and former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Sh Shanta Kumar said that by attending the rally in such a large number the people of state have given their verdict for making Sardar Parkash Singh Badal the Chief Minister of Punjab again. He said the unmatched development of state carried out by the SAD-BJP alliance government along with welfare of poor people and transparent recruitment policies adopted by the state government really requires a big applaud. Training his guns against the Congress led UPA government at the Centre the BJP leader said virtually there is no government at the Union level. He said that though the state government has a number of achievements but the worst thing is that the Congress led Union government has no achievement to list. He said it is the irony of fate that during of the rule of this party which came into power on the name common man 77 crore people are living miserable life with less than Rs 20 as daily income. Sh Shanta Kumar said during the present regime of UPA, plunder of the nation has taken place due to which most of the Ministers of the current government are locked up in the jail.  Terming Congress party as mother of corruption he said that the maladies faced by country like that of unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and corruption is net result of misrule of congress. Sh Shanta Kumar assailed the Government of India (GoI) for being reluctant to bring back the black money stashed in the foreign banks adding that it was unfortunate that the government was not even willing to even disclose the name of those people who own this ill gotten money.

During his address President Youth Akali Dal and former Minister S. Bikram Singh Majithia thanked the youth for pivotal role played by them in making the rally a huge success due to which SAD-BJP alliance is on the verge of creating history in state by staging comeback in power. Training his guns against the Congress leadership, S. Majithia said the massive gathering of people proves that owing to the misdeeds of Congress they have sworn for routing it out from state in coming polls of the state. Lauding the Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, he said after independence only he had cared for the youth by providing employment in the state. S Majithia also said due to strenuous steps taken by S Badal the religious monuments of historical significance have been erected at various places to preserve our rich cultural heritage in a befitting manner.

While addressing the rally SAD General Secretary Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra said that it was a historic day in the politics of state as today’s massive rally has closed the doors of state for the congress party. Making a scathing attack on Congress he said that the entire congress leadership comprised of traitors of Punjab who have always worked against the interests of the state.
Addressing the rally SAD General Secretary S. Balwinder Singh Bhunder said huge gathering of people in this rally indicates that people of state vindicates the development done by the current regime of the SAD-BJP alliance. Questioning silence of congress leadership on anti farmer policies of UPA government of the centre, S. Bhunder dared them to raise the issues pertaining to problems faced by farmers of state in front of the Union government. Thanking the people for overwhelming support in making rally a huge success he asked them to work for bringing the SAD-BJP government back in power in the state as only Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal had fought for safeguarding the rights of state. S. Bhunder also advocated setting up of federal system in the country and opening of cross border trade from Punjab for welfare of state. He called upon the people for supporting the SAD-BJP alliance to continue the spree of unprecedented development ushered in the state.
Addressing the rally Speaker of Punjab assembly S. Nirmal Singh Kahlon said it is inevitable that owing to unparalleled development of the state the SAD-BJP alliance government would stage in comeback in the state. He further said that only Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal has worked to construct memorials for perpetuating the rich cultural heritage of state for coming generations. Lauding Deputy Chief Minister Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal, he said that the young leader has taken path breaking initiatives for welfare of state.
During his address former Union Minister Sardar Balwant Singh Ramoowalia said the mammonth public gathering has laid down the foundation stone for the formation of the SAD-BJP government in the state. Making a scathing attack on the Congress led UPA government he said Congress led UPA government has failed to perform his duties and it would soon fall down due to the infighting of its allies. He said its irony of fate that on the one hand the Akali conferences are filled with lakhs of dedicated workers but on other hand jails of Delhi are being filled by corrupt Congress ministers. Showering accolades on the Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, S. Ramoowalia suggested to also name him as ‘Vikas Singh Badal’ for the tremendous development initiated by him in the state and likewise, Deputy Chief Minister S. Sukhbir Singh Badal as ‘Soorveer Singh Badal’ for showing exemplary courage and valour in mobilizing the rank and file of SAD.      
During his address the Vice President of SAD and Cabinet Minister, S. Ranjit Singh Brahmpura said the over whelming crowd in this rally indicates that SAD-BJP government is all set to form the government in state by repeating its performance of previous assembly polls. The veteran leader said the credit of the success of this rally goes to S. Sukhbir Singh Badal who has taken path breaking initiatives to facilitate the people. S Brahmpura also said SAD has a rich history of struggle for the safeguarding the interests of state. He exhorted people of state to bury all their vested interests and join hands to ensure victory of the alliance in the coming polls.

In his address senior BJP leader and Cabinet Minister Sh Tikshan Sud said in last five years of its rule the SAD-BJP alliance has served the people in an unprecedented manner. He dared the Congress leadership to list their single achievement for the state. However Sh Sud said that it is ironical that despite of ruling for more than 50 years the Congress had done nothing for state but contrary to it unparalleled development has taken place in cities across the state during the last five years of SAD-BJP alliance. He said that they have fulfilled every demand of people but he said that now its duty of people to support S. Parkash Singh Badal to repay his valuable contribution for the state.

Addressing the gathering Secretary General of SAD, S. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa said that massive turnout is the result of all round development and welfare of state done by SAD-BJP alliance government in the state. Lauding the efforts of youth for playing a key role in making the rally a huge success, S Dhindsa said that they still have a daunting task to accomplish. S. Dhindsa urged the youth to join their hands for spreading the message of development and progress of the SAD-BJP alliance in every corner of state to ensure its victory in coming assembly elections.  

In his address President of Sant Samaj Baba Harnam Singh Khalsa said the huge gathering was infect a reflection of the gratitude of people towards the valuable contribution of SAD for the country and state. He said SAD has always struggled for the welfare of the common people especially those belonging the poor and downtrodden sections of the society. Praising S. Badal for his valuable contribution towards Sikh Panth, Khalsa said by erecting the memorials for commemorating the rich sacrifices of Sikhs at four places in the state the Chief Minister has done a great service of the people. Terming S. Badal as true visionary who have transformed Punjab, Baba said that SAD would replicate its superb performance in the recent victory of SGPC elections in the assembly polls too.

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