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Poor show of Moga rally has shown the unpopularity of Akali Dal

Rally did not even matched with political status of Capt Amarinder Singh – Arvind Khanna
         Sangrur 20 December – Arvind Khanna, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary and on of close confident of PPCC President Capt Amarinder Singh has described the Akali Dal’s Moga rally as flop show and said the rally has shown the unpopularity of Akali Dal. Khanna added that the projection of Parkash Singh Badal as next Chief Minister by the party also shows that Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh not looks near anywhere around PPCC president Capt Amarinder Singh.
         Arvind further said that appeal of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for granting more five years for party also shows that party did not make any justice for people during its previous tenure. The government machinery been misused as well as party has adopted ever possible ways to get more gathering but the empty chairs had raised Akali’s worries, he added. Khanna said Akalis are claiming that there was a gathering of 10 lakh people but in fact there were only their own relatives and daily wedgers but now Akalis cannot make people fool any more. The state government has been proved fail on each front. He said that the absence of common people from rally shows that people of Punjab are disappointed with anti-people and dictator policies of SAD-BJP led state government. Khanna further said that according to newspapers and media, chief minister Parkash Singh Badal had addressed only empty chairs and Akali Dal is trying to fight the lost battle.
         Reacting in shayri mood on Moga rally, Sh. Khanna said “Banda Aukat to Vad Ke Show Karda e – Diva Bujhan to pahle ik bar lo karda e” (a person shows over his status – as the lamp lights before blow-out). Khanna told that same kind of rally was organized by Akali Dal in 1996 at Moga and it had also ended the party’s existence at that time and now this rally will also be enough for the same. He added that it was first time PTC news channel did not got chance to show its camera skills and only forced on the stage besides showing empty chairs and most of the leaders present on the stage also seemed disappointed.
            Khanna further alleged that Akali-BJP had maltreated people of Punjab whenever unemployed youths, farmers, employees, teachers and other had demanded their demands. He said women been also not spared from lathi charge of police. He added that today youths of Punjab is been forced to commit suicide. Khanna also alleged that Akali Dal is sailing government property to their nearer and dearer on very low prices and filling own pockets. Today Punjab state is suffering from great financial fiscal and depending on debt for even its primary needs. But still Badal government is still trying to divert the public intentions from their failure by distributing grants. He further alleged that state government has also not survived the public welfare schemes like shagun, Atta-Dal, cycle etc. He also showed worry about uncontrolled law-and-order situation of state.
         Saying on the joining of PPP leaders, Jabir Singh Brar, Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon in Congress party, Sh. Khanna said these joining indicate that these parities do not have proper agenda and aim. He said now people are joining Congress party and want to hand over Punjab leadership in the hand of Capt Amarinder Singh. Sh. Khanna also welcomed the decision of center government for forming joint committee for investigating the suicides cases.  

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