December 21, 2011 admin

Capt Amarinder condemns move to ban Bhagvad Gita in Russia

CHANDIGARH, December 21: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh today condemned the move by a Russian court to ban the holy book, Bhagvad Gita in that country. He said, such a move deserve to be condemned in the strongest terms.
Appreciating the steps taken by the government of India and the foreign affairs ministry by raising the issue with the Russian government, Capt Amarinder hoped that better sense prevails among those people who were behind this sectarian move aimed at hurting the sentiments of a vast majority of people living in different parts of the world.
The PCC President pointed out, the move will not only hurt over one billion Hindus living across the world, but all those who have gained from the divine knowledge of the holy book. He said, the holy books like Bhagvad Gita do not belong to any particular religion as these belong to the entire human race as everybody gets benefitted from the knowledge and wisdom these carry and contain.

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