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Animal Welfare and Training Camp at RRTC of Vet Varsity

22-Dec, 2011: An Animal Welfare and Training Camp was organized at Regional Research and Training Centre (RRTC) of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana at village Booh (Tarn Taran)  today. During the Training camp an interactive seminar was organized and experts delivered lecture on different aspects of cattle rearing like feeding, breeding, housing & management of animal etc. The farmers were updated regarding the adequate management of animals for increasing productivity.  On this occasion Biba Parneet Kaur wife of  S. Adesh Partap Singh Kairon, Cabinet Minister, Punjab also visited the camp. She applauded the activities of vet varsity for the welfare of farmers of the region. Dr. Ranjodhan Singh Sahota, Director of Extension Education said that the diversification is the need of the hour and dairy farming is proved to be the best alternate to diversify from agriculture.  In addition to organize vocational trainings, frontline demonstrations, on farm testing and developing region-specific sustainable land use system, the  centre will also demonstrate the University’s technologies at farmers level. The youth of the area will be trained through learning by doing process. Around  150 cases of  buffaloes, cows, bullocks and dogs were treated in this camp presented.  Majority of cases were of mastitis, anoestrus, repeat breeding, mastitis, pregnancy diagnosis, tick infestation etc.In this Camp animals and also to guide the livestock farmers regarding scientific rearing of animals. Further,  Dr. Sahota told that the University will always be ready to help the needy livestock farmers and a direct rapport will be made with the farmers.
While Inaugurating the camp, Dr. S.N.S Randhawa Director Research, GADVASU  said that this new created centre will be beneficial for tillers of Majha Region. Farmers will get all the facilities, trainings and researches at their doorstep .He said that it will uplift the features of livestock profession in the region.  Dr. Randhawa, said that the center will be a milestone for the improvement of Nili Ravi a buffalo breed by maintaining superior germ plasm.  He said that one hundred and twenty five families of this area have been selected from the five villages around the centre and their bench mark survey will be done. On the basis of the survey, the future programme will be formulated.   It will also work to improve health as well as nutritional status of cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goat and other livestock of the region. The University will remain in touch with the farmers for latest technological intervention.  This mutual association will improve livelihood and economical status of the farmers by enhancing their livestock and agricultural produce. The University will get the feedback for future strategic research and extension. He said that this centre will prove to be an asset for the area.  It should be the mouthorgan of GADVASU in Majha region. This centre will work towards the economic upliftment of the farmers of the area through diversification. Dr. H.S, Sandhu, Dean college of Veterinary Science revealed that farmers will be sensitized about silage and Hay making of green fodder, balanced concentrate mixture formulation, and better reproductive practices for increasing the productivity of animals which is the basis of livestock farming. Through regular interventions and services provided by  the centre, the production level of animals in adopted village will be increased by 50-100% within next five years.     
In this occasion, an exhibition depicting different technologies of University like urea treatment of wheat straw, uromin lick preparation along with university books and publications. was also presented for making the farmers aware regarding the technology as well  as the literature in local language for the livestock farmers.  The village Panchayat welcomed the officers and experts of university. About 500 farmers of the area participated in the event.  Villagers thanked the experts and describe as the welcome step for welfare of animals as it will boost the  livestock farming. Dr. S.P.S Sangha, Dean college of dairy science and H.K. Verma head extension participated in the camp and undertook the various activities. Dr, M.P. Gupta, Head, Animal Disease  Research Centre collected the fodder, soil, faeces and blood samples for providing the necessary inputs to the livestock farmers.   Dr. J.K. Uppal, Incharge, RRTC ashowed the farmers of the area to organize such camp treatment and training camp regularly.

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