December 22, 2011 admin

Breach of Trust Provokes GNDUTA to Action Again

The executive body of GNDUTA staged a dharna affront Vice Chancellor’s office between 10.00AM to 1.00 PM to express their anguish over the constant flouting of the rules by the university authorities with no remedial steps to bring relief to the aggrieved teachers. The executive members of GNDUTA also met various syndicate members and apprised them of the situation whereby documented rules and policies were being scoffed at; teachers were being wrongfully rejected promotions by the VC in the pretext of syndicate decision.
After the dharna and protest, the executive members convened a meeting and discussed the present situation and condemned the unsolicited actions and decisions of the university taken off late. The executive condemned the unnecessary intervention of the authorities in the teachers’ election process by misinterpreting and manipulating the rules. The members mandate with regards to the election of the Secretary is being denied and the elected Secretary of the association is not being declared and notified as so in the garb of university rules. Also the agreement reached at on 19th October, 2011, between GNDUTA and university authorities is far from being implemented in letter or spirit. As promised in the agreement, the matter of anomaly in the date of promotion of a teacher was not referred to and implemented in the syndicate meeting. Also, as promised the promotion procedure of the teachers under AICTE rules has not been initiated till date. The salary of the teachers promoted under AICTE rules, which was as declared in the agreement being pursued by University, has not been paid yet. The promise with regards to constitution of a Modalities Committee for considering the cases of teachers’ promotions also seems a hollow promise. No meeting in this context has been held and no notification of any constitution of such committee has been made, which contradicts the university’s stance of having constituted such a committee. On the contrary, shockingly the teachers have been asked to apply for their promotions till December 31, 2011. With no committee in place, as mutually agreed upon, the procedures for promotions being initiated, only highlights the intentions of the authorities and a complete breach of trust. The trust with which the agreement was reached over seemingly stands breached and reflects gross unfair procedures especially in case of promotions. The executive took note of all these inactions and decided to give time to authorities for corrective action till January 11, 2011.
GNDUTA also lambasted the Punjab government for its indifferent and callous attitude towards the long due arrears of the teachers. The genuine demands of the academia were being unduly denied where contrastingly the Government is not deterring from committing financial resources to unproductive purposes. The teachers threatened to take a strict note of this adamant attitude of the government threatening the government of serious repercussions on this account in the coming elections. The executive body of GNDUTA discussed all these issues and decided to call a general body meeting on January 11, 2011 to discuss the situation and finalize the future course of action for safeguarding the interests of GNDUTA and the teachers.

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