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DPS black belt karate player Aarav & National skater Zynapreet declared best sportsperson

Amritsar, 23rd  December, 2011:– Aarav Khanna a black belt karate player and Zynapreet Kaur a national skater were declared the Best Sportspersons of Delhi Public School, Amritsar of the primary wing at the Annual Sports Day of the school. The two were honored by the chief guest on the occasion Dr Harwinder Singh Rao, Director and Principal, Sai Institute of Pharmacy, Education and Research, who was extended a warm welcome by school principal Ms Sangeeta Singh and members of the managing committee of the school.
The special day for celebrating sports took off with the releasing of balloons and redention of school song.  As many as 550 students of the primary wing from class –I to class V took part in the extravaganza of drills, displays and dance to make the occasion a memorable one. Thereafter a wide spectrum of "Mass Drill" displays  was showcased that  included an opening drill of Yoga asaans that enthralled the audience with the flexibility displayed by junior students in the backdrop of attractive sports related decoration of the school ground.
The drills were aimed to not only raise the level of  ‘fitness’ amongst students but also to instill ‘team spirit’ ,’coordination’, ‘synchronization’ amongst the young learners , stated the school principal while reading the annual achievement report of the school on the occasion.
The mesmerizing colors of ribbons and hooplas made the aerobic dance a treat to watch while students dressed as flowers, leaves, caterpillars and butterflies in the garden dance made the whole scene enjoin with conservation of the vitals of life in the environment while a Goan dance on popular number ‘ya ya yamaya ya’ added color.
However the highlight of the show was an interesting and unique chess dance with students as black and white pieces dancing and moving forward, swinging side to side according to the typical characters of the game, to the rhythm of music while a karate drill was performed with grace and precision ending in a tricolor formation of the Indian flag, adding patriotic spirit to the program that ended with the national anthem.
 The chief guest expressed his appreciation of the immense talents of the students, who performed with great expertise. He extolled the management’s efforts in nurturing and nourishing the students with value based education for their all round development.
            The Principal extended a token of gratitude to the guests who were presented mementoes on the occasion.

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