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GND University attains Highest Status of University with Potential for Excellence

Amritsar, December 23–  In a major achievement, Guru Nanak Dev University has attained the highest status of University with Potential for Excellence. This is the highest status awarded to a University by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Under this programme, the University shall get an amount of Rs. 50 crores from the UGC for research and infrastructure development.
GND University becomes one of the best 10 universities in India to acquire this status. Earlier, certain departments of the University had gained the status as Centre with Potential for Excellence. The University is rated as the best in India in sports; and second best in India in cultural activities as well as first ranking in North region.
    Prof. (Dr.) A.S. Brar, Vice-Chancellor said that the focused area of research would be Materials Science. Creation of useful materials and devices with desirable applications is the essence of technology which plays a key role in betterment of human life.
    "GND University will carry out research for the development of materials for energy conversion and storage, and electronic and opto–electronic materials. New materials will be developed such as polymer electrolyte membranes, photovoltaic devices, Molecular Sensors, Inorganic Films for Sensors, Memory Devices, Magnetic Materials, Organic Solar cells, protective and corrosion resistant cutting tools",  Prof. Brar said.
    Prof. Brar further said, "In addition, research will be carried out in Sports Sciences, Health Care and Drug Designing. New chemical entities as anti-cancer, antimicrobial and anti- malarial agents will be developed. The specific research areas include design, synthesis and evaluation of biologically active molecules, screening of natural products for biological activities, human genetics, investigations on host-pathogen interaction and development of newer diagnostic protocols. Bio-mechanic, physiological and biochemical studies will be done to understand and improve the performance of sports persons."
The Vice-Chancellor said that another thrust area for research would be Environmental Management (in respect of Punjab) with emphasis on environmental monitoring and remediation and biodiversity assessment and conservation. The study would focus on improving the status of environment in the State. Moreover, the language departments of the University shall collaborate to carry out interdisciplinary study of language, literature and culture. In addition, studies would be undertaken in diverse areas of studies in the University, he said.
The University Departments have already gained the status as Centre with Potential for Excellence in Sports Sciences, Centre for Advanced Studies in Chemistry, Centre with Potential for Excellence in Life Sciences, Centre on Studies in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, Centre for immigrant Studies, 12 UGC, DRS, DSA Assisted Departments, 8 DST-FIST Sponsored Departments, DST-PURSE sponsored University, DBT sponsored Department of Biotechnology and DISC and DST Sponsored PG programme under Nano Mission. The University is rated as the best in India in sports and second best in India in cultural activities as well as first ranking in North region.

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