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Punjab Chief Minister Addressing a mammoth gathering during the Jan Vishwas rally organized by the BJP

The patron of Shiromani Akali Dal and Punjab Chief Minister Addressing a mammoth gathering during the Jan Vishwas rally organized by the BJP here today, the Chief Minister said that the mamoth gathering at the rally indicated that on the one hand the people of state have reposed their faith in the pro-people policies of the state government and on the other it reflected that Punabis are egare to hand over the power to SAD-BJP allinace onece again.
UPA government not concerned towards the people, unprecednted development, not afraid of anybody, scarifies, Congress never thought about the inetet of people, defectors, 
During his address the Nationl President of BJP, Sh Nitin Gadkari slammed the Congress led Union government for plundering the money of the tax payer through corrupt means. He said that it was unfrtunate that despite of the fact the Union governmet was not discsilong the names of those people who have stashed their money in foregn banks solely because the names of many prominent Congress leaders figure in it. Sh Gadkari said that that infact the UPA government was shielding the names of Congress leaders by not aming the list public. Terming the Congress led UPA government as anti farmers he said that due to the shortage of space for strringthe food grains the harvest of the farmers was being ruined in the country.
Lauding the effrts of SAD-BJP allinace in porvding the basic civic amneities to the residents of the state, Sh Gadkari said that due to the transparent admiistration and  pro peole policies of the allinace government they would stage a comeback in the state by forming the government again.
            Addressing the rally Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha and senior BJP leader Sh Arun Jaitley slammed the Congress led UPA government for ruining the country. Sh Jaitley said that it was unfortunate that due to the wrooing policies of the UPA government the economic condition of the country has shattered. Assailing the Union government he said that the government was lacking the decision making power due to which the people of country were suffering sdversly. Sh Jaitley said that government was ignoring the voice of people a testimony of which is that it was all set to enact a weak Lok Pal Bill through which the government could appoint or remove it ay any stage of time.
            On the other hand he said that the SAD-BJP alliance government of the state has ushered a new era of unmatched development of Punjab due to which the picture of state has changed. He said that owing to the pro-people policies of cthe state government and due to path breaking initiave taken by the state government, the people of state are all set to give their verdict in favour ofr SAD-BJP alliance in the coming assembly polls. “The huge gathering in this rally shows that SDA-BJP government will create a history by staging a comeback in Punjab” he added.
            In his address National General Secreatry of BJP and the former Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Sh Shanta Kumar said that wide scale corruption done by the present UPA government has made the weak. He said that the present regime of the UPA was the most corrupt government of the country which is evident from the fact the most of the Senior ministers of the UPOA are behind the gallows for their corrupt acts. Likewise he said that the Union government has miserably failed to keep a check on social and economic maladies like unemployment, poverty, inflation, illiteracy and corruption. He said it is the irony of fate that during of the rule of this party which came into power on the name common man 77 crore people are living miserable life with less than Rs 20 as daily income whereas 26 crore people are forced to live below the poverty line. He said the unmatched development of state carried out by the SAD-BJP alliance government along with welfare of poor people and transparent recruitment policies adopted by the state government really requires a big clap adding that by attending the rally in such a large number the people of state have given their verdict for making Sardar Parkash Singh Badal the Chief Minister of Punjab again.

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