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The Election Commission of India has announced the schedule for polls to the Vidhan Sabha

The Election Commission of India has announced the schedule for polls to the Vidhan Sabha, which is as follows.  Date of Poll is 30th
January 2012.  Date of counting is 4th March, 2012.
The total population of Punjab, as per the Census 2011, is 2,77,04,236.  During the period of summary revision, 733832 number of new applications were received for being entered as voter; of these, 723424 were accepted.  After taking into account, newly accepted applications, deletions, and modifications, the total electorate strength at present is 1,74,33,332.  Public is informed that after the Final Voter List is to be published throughout the State on 2nd January, 2012, those eligible persons whose name is not present in the voter list will be entitled to get themselves entered as voter after the publication. They may contact their local Booth Level Officer, or the office of the Electoral Registration Officer, under whose jurisdiction their area of residence falls.  Details are available on website During Vidhan Sabha Elections 2007, total voters turnout was 76% During Lok Sabha Elections 2009, total voters turnout was 70% Election Commission of India has taken some strict steps to ensure free and fair polls, and has put into place detailed expenditure monitoring guidelines. Upon the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct, static and mobile surveillance teams will
be set up across the State which will ensure random checking of vehicles and remedial action in case of complaints pertaining to expenditure.  The teams will be authorized to search the vehicles for cash, liquor or drugs, if any, upon suspicion or specific information. Passenger as well as Goods vehicles will be liable to be searched. In case any cash/jewellery of value above Rs. 1 Lakh is found and the person is unable to explain it’s source, it is liable to be seized and handed over to the Income Tax authorities.  Banks have also been instructed to report all suspicious cash transactions above Rs.1 Lakh from any account, and these shall be monitored by the Election Department as well as the Income Tax Department. Therefore, all citizens are advised to carry proof of source of all such cash or jewellery with them while travelling.  In case of cash, the source from which it has been obtained as well as documentary proof of the use to which it shall be put must be carried in the vehicle, failing which it shall be liable to be seized.
      All persons travelling by Chartered helicopters and Planes are advised that their baggage shall be checked before take-off, as per existing aviation rules.  This shall apply to both take-off from airports or from private areas in the State. Further, the helicopters or planes would be subject to check and inspection at the place of disembarkation.
      For the redressal of grievances, or queries from voters, a Complaint-cum-Call Centre has been set up in the office of the Chief Electoral Officer.  Toll-free number 1950 has been obtained.  This centre shall become operational 24 X 7.  Similarly, Help Lines have been set up at all District Headquarters and the offices of the Returning Officers.

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