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Live trial run of programmes on 29 December 2011
Panjab University Community radio station 91.2 Jyotirgamaya is preparing to go live for 72 hours on the eve of New Year. The show will commence at 11am on 30th December, 2011 and will conclude at 11am on 2nd January, 2012. Panjab University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. R. C Sobti will be the chief guest at the culmination of 72 hours and the 72 hour live show will commence with his blessings at School of Communication Studies (SCS), Panjab University. This is the first time a community radio station in the city is going to do such a long show in a very unique format.
The show will be on in the studios of Panjab University’s community radio station, Radio Jyotirgamaya 91.2 MHz at SCS, with an objective of presenting a critical view of the life of a common man. “The show will usher in the New Year with new hopes, aspirations, resolves and decisions taken by every person on New Year. The common man on Radio Jyotirgamya will be leading the way in such resolution, the concept being that of life’s journey and having a better tomorrow “Acha – Behtar – Behtareen” (good-better-best).
Jyotirgamaya is trying to raise the bar by doing new and novel things and this time 8 students of SCS dedicate 72 hours of their life to awareness generation through community radio.
“We are going to do a Trial run of programme schedule of Radio Jyotirgamaya tomorrow for 7 hours live from 1pm onwards” said one of the 3 Radio Jockeys, Neha Ralli. Neha hails from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh and has postponed her plans of celebrating New Year with her family to devote herself for the service of community. Another RJ Shweta Sharma is continuously putting her efforts since the inception of radio Jyotirgamaya on Feb 13, 2011 to take the community radio to new platform. “The format which is a story line based on life of a common man will incorporate real people and real life situations thus mingling the story with reality. This type of format is unique and has never been adopted by any radio station in the city till now” says RJ Varun Chadha.
The pre-production stage is in full swing and all the interviews have been scheduled. “We have called health experts, psychologists, cricket coach, spiritual guides, motivational speakers, media experts, security guards, florists, youngsters, musicians amongst various others representing the community at large” said Srishti Choudhary, one of the producers for the 72 hour live show.

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