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Vet Varsity Scientists advise proper care of livestock in winter season

Ludhiana-28-Dec, 2011 : The scientists of Deptt. of Animal Disease Research Centre, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana have attended the outbreaks due to nitrate poisoning in cows and buffaloes showing symptoms of difficult respiration, sub normal temperature, muscular tremor. In acute poisoning mucous membranes rapidly go brown and frequent urination are common with respiratory difficulty. Affected animals may die suddenly without appearing ill, or after a clinical course of 12-24 hr or longer. Dr.MP Gupta HOD Animal Disease Research Centre said that farmers are advised to use less nitrogen containing fertilizers like urea in green fodder crops viz. berseem, toria, sarson etc. Due to cold climatic conditions, short day length and dense fog, the plants uptake more nitrogen from the soil which is converted into nitrate in plants. The farmers are advised not to irrigate fodder crops with sewerage water. Farmers are advised to mix wheat straw with green fodder before feeding to the animals. Farmers are advised to test the soil samples for nitrate content from the nearest soil testing laboratory before putting urea to avoid economic burden on the farmer. It is common practice in Punjab to use urea in fodder to fasten the growth of fodder.
The farmers are advised to vaccinate their cows and buffaloes against Haemorrahagic septicemia (Gal Ghotu) and Foot & Mouth disease from nearest Govt. Civil Veterinary Hospital at 6 months interval regularly by using separate syringes and needles for each animal.
The sheep & goat farmers are advised to get the faecal sample checked from near veterinary polyclinic laboratory at their respective district head quarters or at GADVASU, Ludhiana regularly for coccidiosis and other worms and deworm accordingly in consultation with nearest veterinary doctor of Government Civil Veterinary Hospital or GASVASU, Ludhiana and change the dewormer regularly at 6 months interval to avoid anthelmentic resistance.
The farmers are also advised to control ticks on their animals by applying acaricides in consultation with local veterinary doctor of civil veterinary hospital.
In case of any emergency farmers are advised to contact Head Animal Disease Research Centre, GADVASU, Ludhiana and get the suspected fodder checked for presence of nitrate before feeding. University Helpline Number is 0161-2414030.

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