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3-Day Live Marathon Kicks Off at 91.2 MHz, The common man’s voice gets heard

Panjab University’s in-house community radio station 91.2 Jyotirgamaya has gone live for 72 hours at 11 am on 30th December, 2011, with the blessings of the Vice Chancellor Prof. RC Sobti. The three-day long radio marathon is an initiative of 8 students of School of Communication Studies who have decided to give up their new year celebrations for the purpose of community service.
The objective of the show is to present a critical view of the life of a common man, bring forth the problems he goes through and provide the solutions thereof through expert opinions and suggestions. “The marathon is a novel step towards the betterment of the community that has never been done before by any radio station in the city. Through this initiative, we want to work towards the advancement of the community by providing solution-centric chat sessions with experts from various fields to their problems through expert opinions and suggestions”, says, Sonali Chhabra, one of the producers for the 72-hour long marathon.
The 72 hour live show commenced with the story of a fictional character Jaspreet who is a representative of a common man. All aspects of his life will be touched upon and talked during these three days. “We will talk about issues related to health, family, relationships, work, personal and social aspirations, hopes, resolves and expectations of a common man through Jaspreet,” revealed RJ Varun Chadha.
The day started with the blessings of Vice Chancellor Prof. R C Sobti followed by PU Anthem and prayers of the almighty. The first interview was scheduled with Mr. Sudhir Baweja, Co-ordinator Philosophy, University School of Open Learning, and Co-ordinator, Center of Swami Vivekanand Studies who spoke about the impact of teachings of Swami Vivekananda in the present scenario. It was followed by interview of Jaswinder Singh, one of the shopkeepers from Student Centre who is working there since 1998. He says, “I always advise people to opt for fruits and nutritious food because it is healthy and wholesome.” Gagandeep Kaur of “Ghar Ka Khaana” tiffin service also emphasized on the need for a healthy meal especially for the students who often indulge in junk food. There are 16 Live interviews scheduled for the first 24 hours of the show.
Students of various departments have contributed their music and voice to the radio station. One of the singers from Economics department, Tanvi Kashyap, says, “Jyotirgamaya has taken such a big leap and I am happy to provide my compositions to the radio. It has given me the platform to unleash my creativity along with being part of a noble service.”
The guests that have been approached for the interviews are willing to contribute significantly for such a cause and give their inputs that can be instrumental in dealing with day-to-day problems of life.

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