December 30, 2011 admin


 Amritsar  :  30 Dec 2011:Bogra Warriors celebrated its 40th Battle Honour Day “BOGRA” here at Amritsar.  A large number of war veterans who participated in the
Battle of Bogra during 1971 war in Bangladesh graced the occasion. The event was also attended by Lt Gen Sanjit Langer, Colonel of the Regiment,  serving/retired Officers, JCOs and Other Ranks.     The regiment within three years of its raising created a history where in on 16 Dec 1971, 46 Pakistani Chafee tanks stood silent as their masters lowered their  arms & surrendered to the brave tankmen of bogra Warriors in the “Battle of Bogra” in Bogra Garrison in erstwhile East Pakistan.  Bogra Warriors for its gallant action in Bangladesh during 1971 war, was conferred with Theatre honour of “East Pakistan” and Battle Honour of  “Bogra”. The Bogra Regiment paid tribute to its fallen sons who gave the supreme sacrifice for the honour of their country  and the unit.  The Colonel of the regiment, Lt Gen Sanjiv Langer was the chief guest on the occasion.  The General Officer addressed the troops and also interacted with all personnel’s of the regiment and appreciated their efforts.  The war veterans interacted with serving soldiers and narrated their experiences of the battle.  Their presence was indeed a great source of inspiration to the younger generation for their future endeavors.

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