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LUDHIANA, DECEMBER 30:- The floriculturists of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), providing useful tips for the management of the ornamentals in January, has advised the farmers and general public to protect seasonal plants in pots from cold injury by shifting them to sunny and protected spots. Dr Kushal Singh, Head, Department of Floriculture and Landscaping, PAU, said that most of the varieties of winter season annuals have started flowering. Tall growing annuals like Dahlia may require support of stakes for their proper upright growth. Regular watering and occasional weeding of the annuals may be carried out, suggested he.
    Referring to chrysanthemum, Dr Singh said that flowering is over of almost all the varieties by the end of this month. Plants of selected varieties which are required for getting cuttings for the next season may be cut back by keeping 4-5 cm height from the ground. He also advised to continue removing faded rose flowers and suckers to improve the quality of new blooms. Propagation of new plants can be carried out but the rate of growth will be quite low. The potted plants are required to be protected from cold injury, particularly, during night, emphasized he, while asking the farmers and the public at large to water the potted plants regularly. Plants like crotons must be kept in protected structures to have their leaves intact, stressed he.
For the permanent plants, Dr Singh said that the deciduous plants (which shed their leaves in winter) can be transplanted without earth ball before they start sprouting. Similarly, pruning and training of deciduous plants may also be carried out before they start sprouting. Tree pits can be prepared for plantation of all types of permanent plants in February-March. He told that generally, 3’ x 3’ size of pits for big trees and 2’ x 2’ for creepers and shrubs. The pits should be filled with a mixture of two-third parts top soil and one-third part of well-rotten farm yard manure (FYM), added he.

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