January 4, 2012 admin

BJP high on preaching low on practice about corruption: Capt Amarinder

CHANDIGARH, January 4: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh today said that the Bhartiya Janata Party has completely been exposed for its dual standards on corruption after allotting tickets to the tainted leaders who had been dropped from the government on corruption charges in the recent past.
“This has proved beyond doubt that the BJP has always been high on preaching and low on practice when it comes to fighting corruption”, he remarked, while adding, the party can no longer fool the people in Punjab as its hypocrisy has been exposed.
Referring to the allotment of party tickets to leaders like Manoranjan Kalia, Swarna Ram and Rajkumar Khurana, who were only a few months dropped for their alleged role in a massive corruption scandal, the PCC president asked the party that it had lost all the moral authority to take high moral ground on corruption.
He pointed out the party incharge for Punjab Mr Shanta Kumar had indicted the three, Kalia, Khurana and Swarna Ram for the misdoings which ultimately led to their removal from the government. Besides, he added, Tikshen Sood has been accused of grave corruption by a senior officer of the forest department which he headed then as a minister.
Capt Amarinder pointed out, not only in Punjab, even in Uttar Pradesh the BJP had stood exposed after it inducted the corrupt BSP leaders who had been expelled from the government for corruption charges only.

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