January 14, 2012 admin

Capt Amarinder appeals un-nominated candidates to withdraw in favour of party

CHANDIGARH, January 14: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh today appealed to all the party leaders who have filed their nomination papers against the official party candidates to withdraw in the interest of the party.
Capt Amarinder told all such candidates that he understood their situation since it is everybody’s aim to be part of a Congress government. However, he pointed out, given the fact that there are just 117 assembly segments against about 1500 applicants it was obvious that several deserving candidates were left out.
The PCC President said, the party was well aware and equally concerned about such leaders who have given their everything to the party and stood with it against all odds, particularly during the last five years when they had to face the vendetta and onslaught of the Akali-BJP government.
He pointed out, the rebel candidates can only harm the interest of the party. “We all have suffered during these five years and now is the time to ensure that Congress comes to power and all those guilty of targeting and victimising our people are brought to justice”, he said.
Capt Amarinder said, it is the duty of all the party-men to work together and ensure the Congress victory in these elections in the interest of the party, party-men and Punjab as a whole.
The PCC President said, if they do not withdraw the party will have to take disciplinary action against all of them and they will not be the part of the government and there will be no possibility of their joining back even if they want.

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