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New York, (January 14 2012) Resham Singh, a resident of United States has approached Delhi Court requesting that his testimony about Tytler’s role in November 1984 killing of Sikhs should be recorded before court gives final verdict on Closure report filed by CBI. In his Affidavit to Delhi court, Resham Singh describes the details of efforts carried out by him from 2008 till December 2011 to have CBI record is testimony regarding Tytler’s involvement in attack on Gurudwara Pul Bangash. Affidavit further states that despite his repeated efforts, availability and willingness to give the testimony, CBI Team did not record his statement while the Team was in USA specifically to record the witnesses’ statements about Tytler’s role in November 1984 killing of Sikhs.
Resham Singh who used to drive Taxi in Delhi during November 1984, claims that on November 01, 1984 he saw Tytler leading a mob outside Gurudwara Pul Bangash in which three Sikhs were burnt alive and slogans “khoon ka badla khoon” were being raised.
Attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor to Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) the human rights group that represents victims and witnesses of November 1984 stated that “Resham Singh has now directly approached Delhi Court as a last resort because CBI ignored and failed to record the testimony of Resham, who claims that he saw Tytler leading the mob on November 1, 1984. Despite Nanavati Commission directive to investigate Tytler’s role and citing CBI Team’s resolute refusal  to record Resham’s testimony during CBI’s visit to USA, CBI has been acting as Tytler’s Defense Team instead of an investigating agency, added attorney Pannun.
On January 25, 2012 victims’ counsels Advocate Navkiran Singh and Kamna Vohra will argue before the court that CBI failed to properly investigate Tytler’s role in November 1984 killings and thus the Closure Report accepted in April 2010 should be rejected and the court should order reinvestigation of Tytler’s role.

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