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LUDHIANA, JANUARY 20 : The home scientists of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), apprising the farm women and the home makers of household practices, have advised them to take proper care of diet, health and clothing of all family members, especially children, during winter. Home management needs adequate care and attention in view of foggy and cold weather, emphasized they.
            The PAU home science expert Dr Surinderjit Kaur, said that in the month of January, household items lying in the cupboards and suitcases get damaged due to mildews and termites. Dry and air the articles lying in store and cupboards at least once on a sunny day, told she, while stressing that pillows, cushions, quilts and durries should also be sun dried. To clean drains, put one-fourth cup bicarbonate of soda followed by half-cup vinegar and when foaming subsides, flush with hot water. This treatment will clean the drains as well as wash away odour causing bacteria, suggested Dr Kaur. For maintaining comfortable room temperature and to protect family from cold, use thick and bright coloured curtains for doors/windows and durries for floors.
            Referring to the care of infants, the expert Dr Sukhminder Kaur advised the farm women and the home makers to give tulsi boiled water to the children in the winter season. She said, “The skin usually becomes dry, rough and itchy during winters. Therefore, always make use of soaps containing oil or glycerin. Wash the exposed body parts of children with warm water and apply Vaseline before sleeping at night.”
            For the selection and safe handling of the clothes, the PAU expert Dr Harinder Saggu said that black, brown or beige colour should be preferred for the formal occasions. Wear colours that complement the skin, time and outfit, told she, adding that the attire should be tightly wrapped up in a muslin cloth once the event gets over. Put camphor cakes or some cloves of the outfits so that no germs are gathered on it. Always keep a little scope for alteration as wearer may gain or lose some inches and would not want to discard an expensive dress.
            Imparting tips for the diet and health care, the home scientist Dr Kirti Grover said that the vegetables like carrots, radish, peas, cauliflower, spinach and fenugreek, mustard leaves make the meal delicious and nutritious. Similarly, fruits like kinnow, amla, guava, apple and orange add lots of antioxidants which improve the immunity and help to fight against viral infections. Dr Grover told that nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachio, walnuts, etc. not only provides energy but also improves cholesterol level. Have a handful of nuts when feel hungry between meals, advised she.

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