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In the poll times, KCE students pursue voters to cast votes through posters and slogans

Amritsar, January 21, 2012 : Even as the poll fever takes the people in its grip, the students of Khalsa College of Education (KCE) today sent out a message to the general public to cast their right to franchise, through the posters and slogans. They drew the attractive messages including `Theek Nu Chuno’ (Choose the right one), `Tuhada Vote Tuhada Haq’ (yours vote, yours right) and many others to persuade the people to take an active part in the polling.
College Principal Dr. Jaswinder Singh Dhillon said that the aim of the exercise was to make the people aware that the right to vote should be exercised judiciously and logically by the people. He said usually it is seen that the people criticize the system but do not want to take part in the process to improve this. “By sitting on the fence and criticing the system alone will not do. In democracy the right to franchise is a pious right which should be used by everyone”, said Dr. Dhillon.
District Transport Officer (DTO) Mr Vimul Setia visited t he college and appreciated the drive to make the people aware about their voting right. He said that they have planned to take the poster on an open vehicle and take round of the city so that the people are enlightened how important it is to vote in the elections. “I appreciate the move by the college and it is utmost important that the right to vote is used by one and all”, said Setia.
Dr. Dhillon earlier said that being an educational institution they have the duty to sensitize and educate the people about their basic rights and the drive of poster making and slogan writing is a step ahead in this direction. “We are choosing the best posters and the students who made those would be suitably rewarded”, said Dr. Dhillon. He appreciated the role of faculty members who are busy in educating the masses to exercise their right to vote and motivate other to cast their votes in favour of upright and clean candidate in ensuing assembly polls. Dr. Dhillon said it will be their greatest service to strengthen the biggest democracy of the world.

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