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Chandigarh , January 22, 2012. :  The people of  Punjab  are feeling cheated  by the  Akali-BJP and Congress  who have been ruling the state turn by turn  for the last many years. People are taken aback by the  startling disclosures being  made  by the strong electronic and print media day after day The property amassed by these  political parties and their leaders during  the last  5 years is  an eye opener for the common man. On one hand Punjab is under a debt of Rs 78 thousand crores of rupees and  more than  40 percent population is living in abject poverty  on the other hand  the wealth and properties of  Akalis Dal and  BJP  has increased  more than doubled  in the last 5 years. . The family of Chief Minister has amassed  wealth and properties running into billions . The assets of  BJP and its leaders has increased many fold during the last 5 years. Similarly the congress party and its leaders are also not lagging behind .
                        It was stated here today by Com. Charan Singh  Virdi, State Secretary , Punjab CPI(M)  while  addressing the Media Committee members of  the party  working in different assembly constituencies in Punjab here today after his tour of  Malwa  region.
                 He  stated that people are fed up from both these parties and will teach them a lesson on 30th January, 2012 by voting against them .Earlier the people did not have an option .They were forced to vote for either of these two parties. Now the people have made up their mind to vote for Sanjha Morcha candidates for a  victory.
Com. Virdi further told that Congress and Akali-BJP combine are indulging only in mud slinging on each other and they have no agenda  or programme for Punjab. They are diverting the attention of people from the real issues like agriculture crisis, unemployment, rising prices, costly education and health facilities out of reach of common man . 
                 Com Virdi further told that the peace in Punjab is fragile until or unless the issues like transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab, settlement of rivers waters dispute and  decision on claims and counter claims  on territories in the frame work of Rajiv- Longowal accord.
                 He condemned the stand of Parkash Singh Badal  against this accord  for his motivated narrow political  interests.  The non settlement of these issues provides a fertile ground to the separatist forces who can  any time mislead the 50 lakh unemployed youth .
Com. Virdi was critical of  the Congress and Akali-BJP combine who are united on implementation of  Neo –Liberal economic policies dictated by World Bank and WTO which have resulted in high level corruption , unemployment and agriculture crisis. The scams like 2 G Spectrum are outcome of these policies.  Com Virdi criticized the authoritarian attitude of Mr. Sukhbir Badal, Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister which has made the police barbaric . The atrocities against women  and  dalits  are on the rise . The police let loose terror against agitating unemployed youth ,  employees and workers .
                 Com. Virdi  concluded that the voters have accepted the programme of Sanjha Morcha which can take Punjab on the path of prosperity . The response in meetings and rallies is very encouraging  and definitely  the Sanjha Morcha  will form the next government in Punjab.

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