January 24, 2012 admin

Not an Arab spring, but a Punjab spring here

Chandigarh : People’s Party of Punjab (PPP) chief Manpreet Singh Badal said the 2012 elections in Punjab would witness a Punjab spring that shall be more potent and powerful than the Arab spring.
"Could you imagine that youth, particularly young girls and women in the Arab world have gone ahead to brave the might of the autocratic regimes. The same will be repeated in Punjab, except that here it is the press of the button and the vote which will turn the entire government tipsy turfy and herald a new revolution in the state", Manpreet Singh Badal said.
 Manpreet said that lessons need to be learn from the Arab Spring where the youth had been instrumental in regime change, Punjab would carry the revolution forward by throwing out the two entrenched parties which represent the decadent system and status quo.
 "There are lessons to be learnt from the Arab Spring with the most important being that entrenched power systems become corrupt, autocratic and dictatorial after some time. The same is happening in Punjab and people need to rise to overthrow the obsolete parties".
Unlike the sacrifices of the youth in the Arab world, here the people of Punjab do not have the face the bullet, but need to take recourse to the ballot.
Manpreet Singh Badal added that while the campaigning for the Punjab elections are being held in the foggy winter, the voting and the results will be in the time of spring. The timing is so apt that Punjab spring which begins with the Punjabi festival of Basant will herald the dawn of a new era.

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