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“Some persons trying to vitiate peaceful academic atmosphere of College, raising illegal, unethical demands’’: Dr Daljit Singh

Amritsar, January 24, 2012 : Khalsa College Principal Dr. Daljit Singh today said that a group of persons were trying to vitiate the peaceful, academic atmosphere of the college. He said these `outsiders’ who belong to political parties and aiming to enhance their own vested interests were bent upon to raise illegal, unethical and immoral demands, which cannot be entertained as per the law of the land.
He said this group of persons were not only raising issues which are sub-judice but even violating the interim order of the Honourable Punjab and Haryana High Court, dated November 18, 2011, in which the court had directed three students of Agriculture Department of the College, to deposit the fee prescribed by College, apologize for their anti-institution behavior and make commitments not to work against interests of the College.
“This so-called protest is illegal. This is immoral and unethical as they are trying to mislead students, administration, farmers and even the media regarding their false and baseless demands’’, said Principal Dr. Daljit Singh. He added that no double fee or more fees is being charged as this group of protestors was trying to mislead the general public by raising the non-issues.
He said the section 144 is in force but these persons were trying to take the law in their own hand by organizing their illegal assembly. He said the language being used by these politically motivated persons was defamatory and even blasphemous.
He added that this group of person is resorting to selfish interests and contempt of the high court. “We are committed to maintain the peaceful academic atmosphere of the college for the betterment of large number of students. We will not allow this group to disturb the academic environment’’, said Dr. Daljit Singh. He said some of the demands of this group to remove security camera on the campus were baseless and speaks volume about their evils designs.
“The world over the cameras are considered significant to maintain security peace and order. What they want to achieve by asking the removal of these security cameras’’,

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