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Unemployment allowance, lap tops, free medical care from March: Badal

“All promises to be implemented in first cabinet meeting post-election”
“ Want my  last tenure as  CM to be remembered as a milestone in history”
Chandigarh January 24 – The Punjab Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal chief patron Mr.  Parkash Singh Badal said here today the SAD-BJP government would start giving unemployment allowance to jobless youth, free lap tops to students and Rs two lakh free medical care to the poor from March itself and decision to this effect will be taken in the first meeting of the government tobe formed after receiving people’s mandate in the assembly poll due on Janury 30.  Similarly, other welfare measure such as enhancement of Shagun amount from Rs 15000 to Rs 31000 will also be implemented in the first meeting of the new cabinet, said Mr. Badal.
      In a statement here, Mr. Badal said that all other welfare schemes and educational and other incentives would also be implemented in the first cabinet meeting itself . he reiterated that he stood for making the party manifestoes  legally binding on political parties. “We have always treated our manifesto as a sacred document and our record in the matter is proof of  this approach “
  The Chief Minister said that the  fulfillment of the promises made in the SAD manifesto were also matters of personal conviction for him
   “This is going to be my last tenure as Chief Minister and I want to be remembered as someone who throughout his political career never went back on his word to the poor, the youth, the farmers and other sections of society. I have a record to live up to in this regard. We have never faulted on our promises to the people nor lingered on in unnecessary delay in such matters. For me, these are issues of personal credibility and the people of the state have always known what to expect from me. I am going to  ensure that this record is maintained,” said Mr Badal
       “We implemented the decisions to give Free Power to farmers and Shagun scheme to Dalits in the first cabinet meeting of the then government   in March 1997. Similarly, our promise to give subsidized Atta  Daal to 16 lakh poor families and enhance Shagun amount from Rs 5100 to Rs 15000 were also fulfilled during the first cabinet meeting of the present government in March 2007. 

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