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CM stresses on revival of traditional water bodies

SHIMLA 31 January 2012 : Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister, laid stress upon the revival of the traditional water bodies with a view to create additional water sources in the rural areas.  He was addressing the presentation of documentary ‘Khatariyan’ (Traditional Water Body in water scarce areas of the State) film, produced, directed and written by Shri Rajender Rajan, a noted littérateur of the State, here today.
Chief Minister said that the State Government had launched a number of schemes to motivate villagers revive their traditional water bodies and the same was being supplemented under various provisions of MNREGA as well.  He said that State had also decided to provide liberal grant of Rs. 58,000 to every household for construction of water tanks to store roof top rain water for multipurpose use.  He said that since the announcement of the scheme, over 30 thousand applications had already been received and hundreds were pouring in daily.  He said that additionally check dams scheme had also been launched successfully during previous term of 1998-2003 and was still in vogue, resulting into increase in ground water level.  He said that Hamirpur had recorded an increase of upto two meters of ground water level while state as a whole had increased ground water level between two to three feet.   He said that State Government was motivating farmers to construct check dams to recharge adjoining traditional water bodies.
Prof. Dhumal said that prior to the provision of piped water supplies, State had a number of traditional water bodies, which included village ponds, wells and other water bodies  like ‘Khatariyan’ which had been perennial source of drawing water for consumption and non-consumption purposes.  He said that there was dire necessity to revive the old system to beat the challenge being posed by climate change and global warming.  He appreciated the concept of the documentary film and congratulated Shri Rajender Rajan for highlighting the rich traditions of the lower areas of the State.
Shri Ravinder Singh Ravi, Irrigation and Public Health System, said that the department had succeeded in constructing 201 check dams upto December, 2011 in different areas of the state generating water storage capacity of 1,20,562 cubic litres.  He said that check dams had been instrumental in increasing the ground water level substantially besides recharging the traditional water sources. Shri Rajender Rajan briefed Chief Minister about the concept of the documentary film.
Shri Dile Ram, MLA and Chairman, HP State Finance Commission, Shri S.K.B.S.Negi, Principal Secretary (RD&PR), Dr. Arun Sharma, Principal Private Secretary to the Chief Minister and others were present on the occasion.

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