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GNDU honours N.R. Narayana Murthy with honorary degree

Amritsar, February 1 – The Governor of Punjab and Chancellor of the University, His Excellency Shivraj Vishwanath Patil while presiding over the 38th Annual Convocation of the Guru Nanak Dev University here today said that in the last two decades India has achieved tremendous economic progress. It is imperative that the material progress is accompanied by growth in spiritual and moral values. He said that the scene of higher education in India is changing rapidly. There is mounting pressure to create and develop world class educational institutions to ensure the growth of knowledge economy in India.
Governor Shivraj Vishwanath Patil awarded Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) degree upon Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman-Emeritus, Infosys Technologies Limited, Electronics City, Bangalore. Vice-Chancellor, Prof. A.S. Brar welcomed the Chief Guest and other dignitaries while Dr. Rajinderjit Kaur Pawar, Dean, Academic Affairs presented vote of thanks on this occasion.  Dr. Inderjit Singh, Registrar of the University presented the degrees and medal recipients students before the Vice-Chancellor for their facilitation. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Brar also condole the sad and sudden demise of S. Kartar Singh Duggal to whom the University was going to honour with Doctor of Literature (Honoris Causa) Degree in this Convocation.
A Profile of the University, “University with Potential for Excellence” was also released by Governor on this occasion. Vice-Chancellor also honoured Mr. Patil with set of University publications and memento.    
More than 800 degrees and medals in various disciplines including Ph.Ds, M.Phil., MBA, M.Tech., MCA, LL.M., M.Lib., MBE., M.Com., M.Sc., M.A., B.Tech., B.Sc., BCA, LL.B., B.Lib. etc. were awarded at this Convocation. Governor of Punjab and Chancellor awarded the Post-Graduate degrees while the Vice-Chancellor conferred Under-Graduate degrees.      
Governor said that any promise to create educational institutions of International standards cannot be fulfilled in the absence of an effective talent pool. He said that Our Universities will have to come forward to fulfil this requirement. We are moving in this direction albeit in a slow motion.
He said that this University bears the name of great spiritual ambassador and founder of universal religion of Sikhism who preached and practiced three golden principles throughout his life, “do your duty, take God’s name and share your food”.  It forms the basic of the concept of humanism and secularism.
He said the message of the first Guru is all the more relevant in todays complex and materialistic world. He said that the faculty and students of this Alamameter must propagate his teaching and motivate the people to give back to society and show correct path to our students to serve the needy people with commitment and dedication.
        In order to preserve our social, cultural and spiritual values along with the development of ideas for material process, Mr. Patil said he was sure that the University established in the name of the great Guru Nanak Dev Ji will play a leading role in addressing this direction. The center of studies in Sri Guru Granth Sahib can play a significant role in this context. With the grant of status of, ‘University with potential for excellence’ the University would contribute significantly towards the promotion of scientific research in a big way, he added.
        Exhorting students to face the challenges of the outside world with a positive attitude. He said there are two sides of life one is positive while the other is negative. He said student should pay more attention towards positive attitude which will make their life more meaningful and happy.
Mr. Patil said education is to acquainting ourselves about what is there in the world. He said education is to generate knowledge and not only to borrow knowledge. He said something must be come out from our inside. Parents and teachers should mould the mind of the youth, to understand the purpose of life. Unless we understand the meaning of life we cannot live happy life. Information alone from books is not sufficient. We have to go beyond that also, he added.
Mr. Patil said that our Universities have an enormous responsibility for building the Nation through the enrichment of higher education system and it is, therefore, imperative that there is an ideal integration of programmes of teaching, research, work experience and community development to enhance professional competence of our students to enable them to contribute to the Nation. He said that we must utilize all resources available at our disposal to explore and develop the potential of our students by stretching their abilities through innovative programmes. He appealed to the luminaries and members of academic councils to act as catalysts and to create new opportunities for our youth in different disciplines of education, research and developmental programmes.
        Mr. Patil said our responsibilities have doubled in the present conditions. To keep pace with technological advancement and economic growth the universities need to expand the reach and depth of researches being conducted here. This requires rigorous initiation on the part of thinkers and scientists into new areas of research and to make the findings of such research a part of their curriculum.  He said that the researches conducted in universities are of vital importance for the development of industry, and innovations and discoveries in University laboratories have to have significant implications for the survival of humanities.
The University has today honoured Sh. N.R. Narayanmurthy.  He is the true role model to be emulated for his contributions in the development of Information Technology; and for his courage and convictions, he added.
        Emphasizing upon developing holistic approach amongst youth, Mr. Patil said parents and teachers should mould the mind of the youth, to understand the purpose of life.  Unless we understand meaning of life we cannot live happy life. Education devoid of values is detrimental to the health of the society in the long run. Values bring quality and meaning to life and give a person his identity and character. He said the children imbibe values all the time from their parents, teachers and peers. It is, therefore all the more necessary, that we teach them the right values right from their childhood. What they learn at the younger age stays with them all through their lives. Hence importance should be given to imparting value-based spiritual education as well, he added.
       Congratulating students for having successfully completed their higher academics and receiving the degrees and medals today, Mr. Patil wished them great success in their long life.
            While delivering his convocation address on ‘Why we need Guru Nanak Dev’s teachings Today more than ever’ Mr.  N.R. Narayana Murthy said that this University named after one of the finest spiritual leader, one who showed there is but one God, that caste and religion are barriers that should be overcome and that a path righteousness, action and hard work with compassion and concern for less fortunate is write way to lead life. He said that this country needs practicing his precepts and his teachings today more than ever.
He said that never before in the last three hundred years did India attract the attention of the western world like she does today and Bollywood dance has become fashionable in the salons of many western countries. He said that there are all impressive achievements but at the same time there is another India where conditions are appalling. He said that we have the largest mass of poor, illiterate, sick and shelter less people in the world.
He said that problems are much but need of hour is to solve these problems with our academia intellectuals. He said that our young students have capacity to solve these problems because they are equipped with new ideas and fresh confidence and the world has confidence on them also.
He exhorted the degrees holders to make a resolve today that they will become the architects of creating new India and we, the elders, will be there on the side line and cheer their marathon. He said that we are optimistic that you will succeed if you follow the teachings of Gurus like Guru Nanak Dev ji and act according to Vand Chhako, Kirat Karo and Naam Japo.
While advising the mantra of success to the students, he said conduct all discussion with courtesy and preserving the dignity of all discussions. Learn to listen to others with a interrupting them, do not raise your voice and shout the other party down. Such discussions bring the best in every participant. Raise above the meaningless and long-winded arguments and get to action. Be the first one to act. He said that in every action that involves others, be fair and follow the golden rule – do unto others what you want them to do unto you.
He said that put the interest of the community ahead of your personal interest, and the nation’s interest ahead of your community’s. He also advised to be trust worthy through honest and fair words and actions. He said that the greatest possession of a human being is the trust he gets from his fellow beings. Lastly he advised the students to be open, honest, fair and courteous to others since your greatest success is to bring smile onto the face of others around you.
In his welcome address, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ajaib Singh Brar lauded the achievements of the University. He said that during the forty three years after the foundation of the University and strived hard to attain success in academics, research, sports and cultural activities. He said that the University at present is accredited with a CGPA of 3.5 out of 4 with “A” Grade, highest for any University by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.  Recently, the UGC have granted the status of “University with Potential for Excellence” to this University with the grant of Rs. 50 Crore.
            He said that the objectives of the foundation of this University as enshrined in Act are ‘to make provision for the study and research on the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’. This clause of the Act gives this University a distinct identity with clear objective. It is in line with this that the Department of Guru Nanak Studies was established and which has contributed significantly to meet the objective. Moving ahead in this direction a new institute “Centre on Studies in Sri Guru Granth Sahib” has been established with a 47.5 Crore rupee grant from the Central government. The centre started its functioning from April 2011.
He said that the University has adopted proactive approach to bring higher education within the reach of the rural poor. From the current Academic Session, the University has started two new regional campuses at village Sathiala in Amritsar district and village Fattu Dhinga (Sultanpur Lodhi) in Kapurthala district, and opened four more constituent colleges, one each in the districts of Amritsar [Verka], Tarn Taran [Chung], Gurdaspur [Narot Jaimal Singh] and Kapurthala [Mithra], with funding from the Government of Punjab. These colleges aim at providing higher education to the masses at much economical price than it is available elsewhere. It gives me pleasure to share with you the information that beginning in July 2011 these colleges, with the best of the infra-structure, have admitted around one thousand students each in the very first session of their operation,  he added.
He said that for the promotion and growth of Punjabi language the University Grants Commission has sanctioned a grant for the establishment of a Resource Centre for Comparative Literature in the School of Punjabi Studies. He said that in the field of Science and Technology our University is one of the leading institutions in North India. Our faculty members have bagged prestigious projects from apex bodies like the DST, CSIR, BARC and other organizations.
He said that in pursuit of excellence and in response to new challenges the University has started new courses like M.Sc. Physics [Material Sciences] and M.Sc. [Polymer Sciences] from the current academic session. These interdisciplinary courses are much in demand all over the world. In response to the increasing demand for admission to various courses in the University we have increased the intake of students in every course. To accommodate increased strength of students, old buildings have been expanded and new constructions including girls hostels have been undertaken by the University.
He said that the University administration is conscious of the requirements of good health of its teachers and non-teaching employees and their families. This year we have brought about significant improvements in health infrastructure by adding an advanced X-ray machine, Hot Air Woven, DCA Vantage HBA IC analyzer and DEXA machine besides bringing improvements in the existing building.
He said that in cultural activities too we are among the best Universities in India. The University is the winner of North Zone Inter-University Cultural Championship continuously for nine years and the National Championship for seven years. Our University was the Runners up in the Inter University Youth Festivals for two years in 2009-10 and 2010-2011.
He said that It is a matter of satisfaction that our on line admission process has yielded good results and higher courses of studies are easily accessible to a higher number of admission seekers from any part of India and abroad. He said that track record of employment of our students of technical and managerial courses has been highly satisfactory.
Mr. Murthy thanked the University for honoring him with Doctor of Science Degree. He said he is happy to recive this award as this University is named after a great Saint, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

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