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LUDHIANA, FEBRUARY 1: “The month of February is the most suitable period for planting new ornamental plants, lawns and for potting and repotting of pot plants,” said the floriculturists of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). The experts have suggested the plantation of bulbous plants like Amaryllis, Football Lily (Naemanthus), Tuber-rose, Zephyranthes, etc. in this month. The bulbous plants prefer sandy loam soil enrich with well-decomposed farm yard manure (FYM). Seed sowing of summer annuals like Kochia and Zinnia can be undertaken in the last week of February, they told.
            Providing tips, to the farmers and the general public, for the management of ornamentals, Dr Kushal Singh, Head, Department of Floriculture and Landscaping, PAU, said that the deciduous ornamental plants such as Lagerstoemia indica, weeping willow, Campsis grandiflora, etc. can be transplanted without earth ball just before their buds start sprouting. Pruning and training of established deciduous plants can also be done. Weeding of winter season flowers (if required) should be done, advised he, while emphasising that the off type and diseased plants should be removed if the seed of that particular annual is to be collected. Dr Singh also stressed the watering of plants at proper time.
            The PAU floriculturist, Mr Parminder Singh said that if some area is to be landscaped, then soil should be prepared well for the ornamental plantation at the end of February or in March. He told, “Whenever trees, shrubs or creepers are to be planted, tree pits should be dug of proper size i.e. 3’ x 3’x 3’ size. For shrubs and creepers, smaller pits of 1’-2’ size can be prepared.” Dr Singh suggested that the suckers of Chrysanthemum can be separated after uprooting and be planted in pots for further growth. 

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