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2nd UILS National Client Counseling Competition, 2012 commences at UILS

Punjab University 3rd February 2012 : Amidst the towering presence of the legal luminaries, the two day National Client Counseling Competition organized by UILS began in the Golden Jubilee hall of Panjab University today. The function was formally inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr. Justice M.M. Kumar, Judge, Panjab & Haryana High Court, Chief Guest of the day and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jasbir Singh, Judge, Panjab & Haryana High Court presided over the function.
Prof. Sangita Bhalla, Director UILS in her welcome address highlighted the importance of the competition as it’s an innovative concept nascent in India and congratulated Dr. Jasmeet Gulati, Teacher-Coordinator of this competition, for her immense contribution in conceptualizing and organizing this competition. 
In his presidential address, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jasbir Singh, Judge, Panjab & Haryana High Court said it is not the infrastructure that makes you victorious but it is the focus, determination, hard work and courage that matters. He laid emphasis on profile corner in a lawyer’s chamber. And Hon’ble Mr. Justice M.M. Kumar, Judge, Panjab & Haryana High Court, congratulated UILS for introducing this unique format in India which is still its formative stages even in Western Countries. Both the dignitaries gave invaluable suggestions to the budding lawyers and wished them success in life. Mr. G.K .Chathrath, Senior Advocate and Dean, Faculty of Law expressed him gratitude to the Judges for sparing their precious time and to commemorate this special occasion by planting tress in UILS premises. 
The Competition replicated a law office consultation in which two law students, acting as lawyers, were presented with a client matter. The subject matter of client’s problem this year was Intellectual Property Laws and Consumer Protection Law. Each participating team conducted an interview with a client whose role was played by a student from the Host institute. It was followed by a post consultation session during which the Judges asked the participants the reasons about their specific approach, gave a critique of the session and also valuable inputs.
The competition was judged by a galaxy of legal luminaries, professors and eminent lawyers. They are Mr. Sheetal Setia, Dr. Sasha, Mr. Aseem Aggarwal, Dr. Navneet Arora, Mr. Ajay Chauhan, Dr. Chanchal, Mr. Parminder Saini, Ms. Rubina Singh, Ms. Heena Talwar, Mr. Gaaurav Aggarwal, Mr. Kshitij Sharma, Dr. Sarabjit Kaur, Mr. Arastu Chopra, Mrs. Tajinder Kaur, Mr. Hitesh Malik, Ms. Nupur Chaudhry, Mrs. Rajinder Kaur, Mr. Kunal Garg, Mr. Shikhir Gupta, Ms. Pooja Bhardwar, Mr. Gulshan, Ms. Kanika, Mr.Karandeep Cheema, Ms. Deepti, Mr. Kunal Dawar, Ms. Meenu Saihjpal and Ms. Anupam Bahri. It is pertinent to mention here that Mr. Parminder Saini has specially come from England to judge this competition. He is Barrister at Law, London & New York Attorney’s and Solicitor Scotland & Wales.
The teams were judged on the basis of their strength in establishing an effective professional relationship and working atmosphere and, if and when, appropriate, oriented the  client to the special nature of the relationship, including confidentiality; explanation of fees, the way they responded to client’s concerns, discussed mutual obligations and rights etc in a courteous, sensitive and professional manner, how effective they were in eliciting the information from client so as to form a reasonably complete and reliable description of the problem, ascertaining Clients’ Goals, expectations and needs, analysis and formulation of problem,  feasible alternatives explored-both legal and non-legal, management of ethical/ professional/emotional issues, team co-ordination and their response to the queries raised in post consultation session.
On the first day preliminary rounds were conducted in 2 sets in which 23 teams from various law colleges of India had participated. Top ten teams will qualify for quarter-finals, which will be followed by semi-finals and then finals which will be held tomorrow.
Valedictory ceremony will be held on February 04, 2012 in Golden Jubilee Hall, Panjab University at 3.00 pm. Hon’ble Mr. Justice T.S.Dhindsa, Judge, Panjab & Haryana High Court has very kindly consented to be the Chief Guest and Hon’ble Mr. Justice G.S. Sandhawalia, Judge, Panjab & Haryana High Court will preside over the ceremony. Mr. G.K. Chathrath, Senior Advocate, Dean Faculty of Law, Panjab University will be Guest of Honour.

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