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A delegation of North American Punjabi Association

Amritsar, Feb 04, 2012: A delegation of North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) who is presently visiting Punjab have expressed their concern about the wide spread increase in the use of harmful drugs and hard liqueur by the youthful population of Punjab. This is undesirable menace is having adverse effect on physical and mental health of vast number of Punjabi youth and is responsible for increase in social sins like robbery, theft, rape and other crimes.
Addressing  a  press  conference here at Kalsi Machine Tools. Satnam  Singh Chahal  President  and  Dilwinder  Singh Dhoot  chairman  of the North American Punjabi Association categorically stated and expressed their dismay over this unfortunate situation and sought the intervention  of  incoming  state  government,  social  and  religious  organizations  to  arrest  this  situation.  There is widespread un-employment and lack of business incentives which promotes frustration and this drive the young people to get involved in these social sins. It is most unfortunate that none of the major political parties who contested the recent Punjab assembly elections have thought to include this most important issue on their manifesto and was busy in vote bank politics, making false promises to construct bridges where there are no rivers.
The leaders of the North American Punjabi Association traveled widely in whole of Punjab and met political leaders of various parties, contesting candidates social and religious groups and discussed with them to invigorate action plans to initiate and formulate development projects in the fields of Agriculture, education and Industry.  They also felt the need for infrastructure development and good governance in the state in order to attract foreign investment.
Punjab, once a leading state in India has lost its prominence and glory in all fields due to wrong policies pursued by various governments, rampant corruption at all levels and lack of management of human and material resource. Mr. Satnam Singh Chahal explained at length that large number of entrepreneurs of Punjabi origin are keen to invest in the land of their fore fathers but are reluctant to do so in the absence of security of their investment and harassment from government officials. Where as the state of Gujrat and Haryana receive the potential investors with red carpet reception and in contrast you face red tape at every stage in Punjab.
In the opinion of the visiting delegation, this election is going to be an opener for politician of Punjab and the results might show big surprises. The way the youth had participated in large numbers and the role of technology is likely to bring some changes for better and transparent governance. The new prospective Government will have to take into consideration and fulfill the aspiration of the people.
The delegation also had the opportunity to study the impact of environmental pollution, adulteration and uncontrolled use of fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides in farming which has ruined the health of the people and increased the spread of cancer and other infectious diseases. The rivers of Punjab once a national pride, are so much dirty and polluted that this is effecting the health of animal and people. The Bainy River near Sultanpur where Guru Nanak used to take bath every morning is now unfit for animals and birds to have a dip.
The Punjab’s fiscal health is deplorable and the state economy is under huge debit and needs drastic changes to set the things right. The people hope the new government will face an uphill task to adopt corrective measures to provide relief to the common man. Concluding the press briefing, the president of the Napa offered the support and services of the North American Punjabi Association, which is the voice of 600 thousand Punjabis, to the new incoming government to revive the bygone and lost glory of Punjab, the land of Gurus and sturdy people of Punjab. The heart and mind of every Punjabi, wherever he or she lives, is always in the land of Punjab.Mr. Santokh Singh Judge, Mr. Inderjit Singh and S. Surjit Singh Cheema, Dr Charanjit Singh Gumtala, S. Preetam Singh Kalsi, Prof. Mohan Singh and others were also present.
 Released By Dr Charanjit Singh Gumtala 9417533060

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