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PATIALA, FEBRUARY 4: Addressing  35th convocation of Punjabi  University, Patiala, here today, the Punjab Governor and Chancellor, Mr. Shivraj V. Patil congratulated the students for having successfully completed their higher academics and giving the degrees & medals. He asked them to enter the world outside of the university
campus, which positive bent of mind, do good things required for the
development of the country and the world.
       Mr. Patil said if you were positive, results would be positive in all things you do and if your approach and attitude was negative then results would also be disappointing. He said you have the capacity to do all the good things you want to do. Your determination and resolve can help you in this respect, he added.
Appreicating the role of University, Mr. Patil said that Punjabi University has been doing its duties in the best possible manner. It is a university named after a language which is very rich and poetic. It is helping us to understand the essence of philosophy of Guru’s, and the Guru Granth Saheb and those of other religions practiced in India and the world.
    The Governor said that the religions have into existence to help human
beings to understand the reasons of their existence, their relations with non-living things and living things, also, with the matter, with  the energy, with the totality of the cosmos, with the all mighty force which can be recognized as God, truth, bliss and beauty or by any other name. He said when they are understood correctly, they help. When they are not understood correctly and tried to be used, they can create problems. He said religions do not create problems, they solve
problems. Ignorance of them create problems. He said if the students in the university understand them correctly, they would help themselves and others and would not allow any problems to be created.
    Mr. Patil said that these days, we talk of Science and Technology. They are needed in all walks of life, to help human beings to provide security to themselves, to bring about economic development, to create social harmony. They have helped the backward areas of the world to become developed and advanced in all fields of existence. He said to keep pace with technological advancements and economic growth, the Universities need to expand the reach and depth of researches being conducted in there institution.  Researches conducted in University are of vital importance for the development of industry, innovation and discoveries in Universities laboratories have significant implication for the survival of humanity, he added.
     Mr. Patil said that Dr. Janardhan Waghmare has done us the favour of
accepting our offer to receive the Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) from this University. He said he was a man of letters, a learned and evolved human being, who did his best to contribute towards the education, at tertiary level in  Maharashtra, as the Vice Chancellor of a University. He is in a position to grasp the importance of developing languages and comparing the religion of the world, to understand their essence and importance in the lives of the people.
    Mr. Patil also presented degrees of Doctor of Literature to Sant
Balbir Singh Seechawal, Dr. Janardhan Waghmare and Shri Harjinder
Singh Sidharth on the occasion. Mr. Patil congratulated Mr. Karan Bhalla for getting Chancellor’s medal for his meritorious result. Mr. Bhalla appears to be very brilliant mind and very promising young man. He wished him all success
in life.
    Among others who were present on this occasion Vice Chancellor Punjabi University Patiala Dr. Jaspal Singh, President Association of Indian University Prof. Pankaj Chande, Vice Chancellor Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Eminent Punjabi Literary writer Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana, Deputy Commissioner Patiala & Mr. Vikas Garg, S.S.P Patiala Mr. Dinesh Partap Singh. 

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