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Congress challenges Sukhbir Badal to an open debate on his lofty claims of 25 years of Akali rule.

5 February 2012 : Sensing imminent defeat at the hands of electorate the Badal father-son duo have shown their true colours of being opportunist vote seeker politicians rather than statesmen. The imposition of power cuts both in domestic as well as commercial sectors have exposed the cheap politicking standards of the SAD-BJP govt. Within days of polling Punjab is back to the old black days with severe power cuts for hours together in the domestic sector. Worst hit is the industrial sector with two days a week power cut, particularly the induction furnaces and the rolling mill consumers. Similarly, the agriculture sector has been hit hard by power cuts forcing farmers to burn diesel to sustain their crops.
Power cuts have exposed the real face of Sh. Sukhbir Badal for being a pigmy small time opportunist leader. Had he been sure of victory the govt. could have continued with Power Purchase system from central pool at least till the results on 6th march. The Junior Badal has conceded defeat much before the ballot count on 6th march.
The father-son duo had been on a spree of laying foundation stones, inaugurating incomplete works and misusing the state exchequer for making so called lofty claims of development in Punjab. They found no buyer of their bogus development agenda during the campaign, hence the power cuts to teach people of Punjab a lesson.
The Congress under the dynamic command of Capt. Amarinder Singh is set to form the next govt. in Punjab with over 70 seats to its kitty. Let the Junior Badal choose a time and place of his choice to debate the obvious outcome of polls in favour of Congress. The Congress now dares Sukhbir Badal to an open debate on his ‘Sheikh-Chilli’ claims of ruling Punjab for 25 years.  If he does not respond to our challenge, the defeat has been conceded indicative of week kneed decisions such as power cuts. I offer 8th march 11.30 AM as time and Press Club Chandigarh as venue of debate to the Junior Badal, let him decide.

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