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World Bank Team Applauses Work Done under National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) by Vet Varsity

Ludhiana 06, Feb-2012 : A World Bank Team carried out the Tenth Implementation Support Mission (ISM) of the National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) visited at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary And Animal Sciences University (GADVASU). Veterinary varsity is also leading a NAIP (ICAR) Sub-Project entitled “Sustainable livestock based farming system for livelihood security in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab” from the year 2008.  Dr. A.L. Saini Principal Investigator of this project said that Its total layout is Rs 4.11 crore. This project is likely to be extended beyond 31.03.2012 for another 18 months. There are three more partners namely PAU, Ludhiana, Dairy Development Department, Punjab and The Unati Co-operative Marketing-cum-Processing Society Limited, Talwara.
The Mission held extensive discussions with senior officials of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Project Implementation Unit (PIU), and the consultants working on internal audit and procurement. The Mission also made extensive field visits and reviewed the work of 20 consortia that have been operative in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab. They held extensive discussions with researchers, consortia leaders, farmers, fiduciary and safeguard staff.
     Dr.Saini revealed that the World Bank team along with ICAR officials visited the operational area of the Project i.e. Hoshiarpur and appreciated the work profusely. The report submitted by them indicated notable results which prominently included ‘women empowerment through a variety of processing including Amla in Punjab.’
    Furthermore, the Mission appreciated the work in following words:
“The mission is pleased to record good work being done in remote isolated parts of Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. While on one hand, efforts are underway to introduce new rain-fed wheat varieties, on the other hand, women are being empowered through formation of self help groups and promotion of household level processing, packaging and value addition. These groups proudly present a variety of products including bamboo pickles (presumably known to have medicinal value in addressing arthritis). Small kiosks have also been opened for marketing. Similarly, farmer groups have been mobilized and linked with a large rural industrial unit (Unati Co-operative Processing and Marketing Society) which has added a new dimension to agricultural diversification in the region. This project has also popularized an innovative foot-operated rope making machine which uses raw materials like Munj, Bhabbar and Lemon grass.”  

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