February 21, 2012 admin

5 Days a Week’ Working in Banks

Jammu, 21st February 2012 : Former President of the Citizen’s Cooperative. Bank Staff Association Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Gupta apprised to Com. P. Bala Krishna General Secretary, All India Cooperative Bank Employees Federation about the all – round changes sweeping the entire world in all the spheres. Bank employees have not lagged behind and are keeping pace by adopting ourselves with the changes. In this backdrop most of the industries both in financial and   non-financial sectors have switched over to “Five days a Week” globally and the same phenomena is happening in our country as well. In the present day environment, after implementation and up-gradation of technology, the other demands of delivery system in the Banking Industry viz. ATM, Internet Banking etc., the customers are having the facility of banking for all the days undisturbed round the clock.
Presently, the Bank employees are working for seven hours on the weekdays with half an hour lunch interval with half a day working on Saturdays. The employees of Cooperative Banks have been impressing for the need to switch over to 5 days a week as in the case of other financial and non-financial sectors universally so that the employees could have the much needed rest and commence the week with a refreshed frame of mind and body which will increase the productivity level with quality resulting in excellent customer service. Further, this will give a very big thrust and focus on marketing arena as well and will reduce the cost of transaction as most of the customers are migrating to the other delivery system. This will substantially reduce the administrative cost and other miscellaneous expenses. In this regard the apex bank of our country viz. Reserve Bank of India recently introduced the “Five Day a Week” concept in their working and is efficiently functioning.
In this connection, the total working hours per week can be spread over in there five days by suitable and appropriate adjustment of the working hours as required. Further I hope Com. P. Bala Krishna General Secretary All India Cooperative Banks Employees Federation to take up the matter with Indian Banking Association (IBA) and to introduce 5 Days of Week in the banking industries.

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