February 22, 2012 admin

Art Exhibition “Kala Utsav”,

Amritsar 22nd February 2012 : The Dept. of Fine Arts of BBK DAV College for Women is organizing an art exhibition “Kala Utsav”, an annual feature for two days i.e. 22nd and 23rd Feb 2012. The exhibition was inaugurated by Principal Dr.(Mrs.) Neelam Kamra at 10a.m. on 22nd Feb 2012. She congratulated the concerned staff & appreciated the efforts of the students of M.A Fine Arts, BFA,BA, SS + 1 & SS + 2 who participated in this “Kala Ustav”.
    The P.G students of Fine Arts showcased the creative works based on Ragamala, Baramasa & Nayaka Nayika Bhedha. Raga Bhairava, Raga Hindola, Ragini Bhairaivi, Month of Shravan, Month of Poush, Abhisarika Nayaika, Utka Nayika etc. are the beautiful masterpieces which attracted the eye of the spectator. All these paintings are associated with love in separation and love in union.  
    The students of Bachelor of Fine Arts displayed their works which exhibited Murals, paintings, Installation, Prints & Graphics- wood cut and lino cut etc. The students have shown the helplessness of the women in routine. The B.A students also presented their art creations which mainly constituted wax, soap, thread works, posters, landscapes, portraits etc. The collegiate students also got the opportunity to show their creative work such as portraits, still life & craft work.

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