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Training programme for Veterinary Inspectors by Vet Varsity

Ludhiana-24-Feb, 2012 : A two day training programme was organized by Department of Vety & Animal Husbandry Extension Education, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Science University (GADVASU), Ludhiana on the topic of “Animal Management and Feeding Practices in domestic animals” sponsored by AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (ATMA) and deputed by  Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Bathinda. Twenty Vety Inspectors from Bathinda district participated in the training programme.  In inaugural address Dr. HK Verma, Head, Department of Vety & Animal Husbandry Extension Education said that there is an urgent need for training to Vety Inspectors on animal management and feeding practices in domestic animals.  As Vet. Inspectors are in direct contact with animal owners so they can also update animal owners about latest managemental and feeding practices recommended by Veterinary University.  In this training different lectures were delivered by experts on managemental and feeding practices of animals. A visit to the clinics, clinical lab, University farms and different departments was organized for witnessing the facilities available in GADVASU for the farmers.  The Veterinary inspectors appreciated the efforts of the GADVASU for working for the welfare of the livestock and farmers and requested to organize such training programme more frequently and for longer duration.  All the trainees procured GADVASU publications and subscribed for monthly magazine “Vigyanik Pashu Palan”  Dr. Udeybir Singh, coordinator of the training programme thanked the Animal Husbandry Department and ATMA for sending the trainees to GADVASU.

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