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“My long Journeyto International Fame”. The book was recently released by Prof. R.C. Sobti

CHANDIGARH- May 10(Bharatsandesh news):  Professor Dip Singh Gill, Emeritus Professor, Department of
Chemistry, Panjab University, Chandigarh has authored a book titled “My long Journey
to International Fame”.  The book was recently released by Prof. R.C. Sobti, Vice-
Chancellor, Panjab University.
Dr. Dip Singh Gill, who rose from a small village of Punjab (Maujgarh), and
established a name for himself as a scientist of international repute depicts his
memories of the journey in his book.  Dr. Gill who has made significant research
contributions in the field of Chemistry has an outstanding teaching career in many
prestigious universities of Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia and India.  Dr.
Gill has also delivered research lectures in several countries.  The experiences
gathered in the course of his life journey have been vividly expressed in his book
that carries the reader through episodes of his life.  From a carefree childhood to
family life and education, scientific contributions and achievements all find place as
in his book.  The book has been appreciated by readers in India and abroad.
The author who is a well-reputed educationist also is a recipient of many prestigious
honours and awards including DAAD Professorship, Max Planck Fellowship, Gled don
Senior Visiting Fellowship, UGC Emeritus Fellowship, Fellowship of the National
Academy of Sciences, India.  With a long teaching and research career as a professor
of Chemistry, Dip Singh Gill has authored over hundred research publications in
journals of high reputation in the pioneering areas of Chemistry.  Gill equation, a
modification of Stock of law and a well-referred equation, is his significant
contribution to the field of solution Chemistry.  Work on Copper (I) Chemistry is
another outstanding contribution of the author

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