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“Weshould be proud of our rich, composite Punjabi cultural heritage”: seminar atKhalsa College

Amritsar, May 10(Bharatsandesh news):The experts at a seminar on `Virsa Punjab Da’,held at local Khalsa College today said that we should be proud of our rich,composite, Punjabi culture and work hard to protect the natural and tangibleheritage of the Punjab. They were speaking at seminar at the college campus,organized with the sole aim to discuss the current challenges and opportunitiesbefore the common culture of Punjab and to find ways to protect values andspecimens of the heritage including language and artifacts from current onslaughtof the information age and commercialism.
Dr.Sukhdev Singh Khahra and Dr.Dariya fromSchool of Punjabi Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University and Surinder Kochhar, awriter and historian spoke about the past history and various currents of thePunjabi Culture and its progress through the ages in the history. “We shouldbe proud of our composite rich cultural heritage, which is blend ofmany-sub-cultures’’, said Dr, Khahra, adding that there is clear impact ofMuslims and English on us which is part of our history and now part of ourculture and this common culture transcends the borders.Khalsa College Principal Dr.Daljit Singhwelcomed the guest speakers and said that we have a unique culture which isblend of various historical developments. He said Punjabi language itself isone of the most rich languages and our most revered element of the commonheritage that we should be proud of. He said seminars like these help us tocreate an awareness about the need to protect the heritage and while we should beopen to the international experiences, we should make efforts that our childrenremain rooted in our own cultural pursuits also.Dr. Daljit honoured the speakers and thanked aPunjabi newspaper group for organizing this seminar and said that the role ofmedia is paramount to the spread awareness about the steps to be taken toprotect our cultural heritage. Incharge Sikh History Museum and Department,Dr.Inderjit Singh Gagoani managed the stage well and said the folk tales,proverbs and our rich literature is also the part of our cultural heritage.Well known theater propagator Jatinder Brar, College Registrar Prof. BaljinderSingh, Khalsa College Chawinda Devi Principal Dr.PS Dua, Rajinder Singh Bathand Harbhajjan Singh Brar were present at the seminar.





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