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Ansar Burney sent Mercy Petition of Indian National to President Zardari:

ISLAMABAD:  The Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and former Federal Minister for human rights, Ansar Burney on Friday has once again requested with President Asif ali Zardari to convert the death sentence of an Indian National Sarabjeet Singh into life imprisonment.
The United Nations former Expert Advisor on human rights and Pakistan’s renowned human and civil rights activist, Ansar Burney in his mercy petition addressed to the President Asif Ali Zardari, wrote; "I, in the very greater interest of humanity, human dignity, Justice and Human Rights once again insisting and requesting to please immediately convert the death sentence of an Indian national Sarabjeet Singh into life imprisonment as Sarabjeet Singh is at present in a Death Cell at Kot Lakhpat Jail in Punjab since last 21 long years and after such a long period hanging of such a prisoner would become a murder of justice (I repeat ‘Murder of Justice’)."
"I would like to mention here that ‘one day in a death cell is equal to one year in a normal jail’ and that prolonged detention in worst and inhuman circumstances on death row is at the very least cruel treatment and worst kind of human rights violations as Pakistan voted against a United Nation General Assembly resolution for a moratorium on the death penalty. "Pakistan ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in April 2010, which was signed by your Government." Burney added.
He wrote, Sarabjeet Singh has now spent 21 years in a death cell and has lost precious moments of life without his wife and family due to an unfair trial and allegedly a case of mistaken identity.
"The Ansar Burney Trust International is a name in Pakistan that made a history in the field of human rights and got released almost more than Nine hundred thousand (900,000) illegally and unlawfully detained, confined and condemned prisoners from all over the world especially from Asian and Middle Eastern countries, I would like to ask your honor as to “Where is it in Islam to hang innocents or prisoners of circumstances or those sentenced only because of false witnesses, or those who spent more than life imprisonment?” Ansar Burney added.
"I would humbly like to once again ask; that how a democratic government can hang a person who had already completed a life sentence (in such a cruel and inhuman circumstances), which is not less than a hell." He questioned with President.
"I hope your good self would look into this matter seriously and will take some appropriate decisions within time. This Request/Appeal has been made in the very Greater interest of Justice, humanity and human dignity." He further wrote in his appeal.

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