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 LUDHIANA, MAY 15:- Processed garlic has an excellent scope in view of its increasing demand in the market. The industry possesses a bright future and new entrepreneurs can enter into the field of processed garlic products by establishing new industries. Referring to the advantages of garlic processing, the scientist, Bindu of the Farmers Advisory Service Scheme (FASS), Jalandhar told that it makes the supply of finished product regular as the surplus produce during the peak producing season is converted into processed products. She added that it improves the keeping quality of product making processed products acceptable to larger section of the consumers.
Discussing about the use of processed garlic, Satish Kumar Gupta said that garlic is mainly used as condiment in food preparations. Garlic-based products have wide application in food processing as well as in medicinal industries. He highlighted, “As a condiment, it is used for flavoring food products such as tomato sauce or ketchup, salad dressings, meat sausages, pickles, curry dishes, etc. and as a medicine, it is used in many medicinal preparations because of its digestive and antiseptic properties.”
            Saying that garlic can be processed at domestic level, another scientist, Preetinder Kaur highlighted that processing of garlic lowers the transportation cost by the reduction in weight and volume. During processing, unwanted material and moisture content is removed. Moreover, it saves the time required for peeling and cutting of fresh garlic at the time of seasoning of food, she said. The scientists explained that garlic is mainly processed into granules, flakes, powder and oil. The garlic granules are used for seasoning various vegetables and as an ingredient in hamburger mixes while the garlic powder is used for flavoring purposes in canned soups, sausages, salami, etc. and in Ayurvedic medicines for proper digestion, throat troubles, for cough and bad colds. Garlic flakes are produced in similar way that of garlic granules but without chopping. The PAU scientists disclosed that at present, these products are in short supply because of their growing demand with the time but they hold a great scope for expansion in near future. 

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