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•       Cancer will be treated on low cost at Subsidy Cancer Centre, Amritsar
•       Ultra Modern Machines installed at Amritsar and Patiala to treat Cancer
•       Baba Farid University surveyed 60 thousand people
•       Doctors to study new techniques in America to treat Cancer

Chandigarh, 16 May: Punjab Government is fully committed to eradicate cancer disease from its roots regarding this concrete steps are taken from time to time.
Medical education and Research Minister Bhagat Chunni Lal giving information about this said that super specialty centre to treat cancer on subsidy is being set up at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar.
He said that to set up this centre ultra modern cobalt machine is purchased to treat cancer patients on very low cost. He said that to treat cancer patients at Rajindera Hospital, Patiala traditional radiotherapy Simulator and 3D-Treatment planning system is purchased. The Minster said that to study the reasons of cancer survey on 60
thousand people of Malwa region of state is done by Baba Farid University of Medical and Health Sciences, Faridkot. He added that this would help in finding the deep root reasons of this disease. He said that this study will also help in curing the disease. Minster said that three cancer curing machines are big relief for the cancer
patients of Malwa region. The Minister said that Punjab government is also sincerely working hard not only for better treatment of cancer patients but also trying
to find roots for the cause of cancer so that this disease is eradicated forever. To study how to treat cancer with the help of ultra modern treatment techniques 12 Doctors from Medical Colleges of the state are being sent to America’s Clone Cattering Training Centre situated in New York City, added Minister.

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