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DPS participated in worldwide ballot on Rights of Child -2012

Nelson Mandela patron of organization
Amritsar  17 May, 2012 – World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC) initiated by the world’s largest educational initiative for children on rights and democracy’ empowering children and youth all over the world to demand respect for rights of a child, in a unique concept involving 16 million children world-over to vote for three finalists who deserve to be felicitated by it for the contribution towards this noble cause .
More than 500 students of Delhi Public School took part in this "unique voting event" for children called the "Global Vote for the World’s Children’s Prize" initiated by WCPRC.
School principal Mrs Sangeeta Singh said it was a matter of pride that children learned about live examples of people who fought bravely against child abuse and for the cause of rights of children.
She further informed that the patrons of WCPRC include Nelson Mandela, President and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,  Queen Silvia of Sweden, Jose Ramos Horta of East Timor, former Executive Director of UNICEF Carol Bellamy, former UN Under-Secretary-General Olara Otunnu and Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics Joseph Stiglitz.
Students of school were asked to study the work profile, socio–economic and environmental pressures besides qualities of leadership and commitment of the "three finalists" for ‘Global rights 2012′, that include ANNA MOLLEL, SAKENA YACOOBI and ANN SKELTON.
It may be mentioned that 35,000 schools with 16 million students chose the finalists for outstanding contribution towards rights of child. The children award carries a prize of USD 140,000 for outstanding contributions to the Rights of Children. The prize money helps some of the world’s most vulnerable children to give them a better life.
According to the data released by WCPRC about 1.5 million Students in 6000 Indian schools would vote for the winner of the prestigious award while an international child jury – consisting of children who are experts on the rights of child through their own experiences as soldiers, refugees, street children or slaves – chooses the recipient of the major award. It is pertinent to mention that  Rakesh Kumar (13) from India is a jury member and represents children in hazardous labour, slave children and children who ‘don’t exist’ because their birth was never registered.

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