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Chandigarh, May 21 : The Shiromani Akali Dal today rejected the white paper on black money submitted by Union Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee in Lok Sabha and termed it as a ‘white washing’ exercise to conceal the inaction of Congress led UPA government to punish the guilty of multi lakh crore scams.
    In a statement issued here today the SAD President Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal said that it was matter of great regret that white paper has failed to outline any strategy by Congress led UPA government to bring back $ 1456 billons stashed by ‘high and mighty’ of this Government in Swiss banks and termed this exercise to distract the attention of common masses from the multi lakh crore scams during UPA regime. He said that latest report on Swiss bank accounts suggested that illegal deposit of Indians in the Swiss bank rose three times from $ 500 billon to $ 1456 billon only in UPA regime which could be termed as the most corrupt regime that the world had ever witnessed. He said that it was matter of great shame that India’s illegal deposit was maximum in the Swiss bank as the report suggested that Russia was having $ 470 billon, UK $ 390 billon, Ukraine $ 100 billon and China $ 96 billon.
Mr. Badal said that the NDA including SAD had been demanding attachment of illegal money stashed by corrupt Indians in the Swiss banks and utilize that money for the development of the country but Congress led UPA government was dragging its feet on this critical issue affecting every Indian. He said that despite Apex court strictures the UPA was not making public the list of Swiss bank account holders leaked by a website.
He questioned that why UPA was reluctant to bring bank ill gotten money in the financial system of the country when countries like USA have already taken deterrent steps of attaching ill-gotten money deposited in Swiss banks. He said that reluctance of UPA to act firmly against corrupt suggested collusion of  ‘highest and mighty’ of UPA in this whole racket.
     Mr. Badal said that National Democratic Alliance (NDA) including SAD had been vociferously seeking exemplary and deterrent punishment to all the ministers of UPA involved in the multi lakh crore scams but UPA did its best to save the skin of guilty till Apex court took these cases in its hand and started monitoring all these cases.
    Rejecting the white paper Mr. Badal said that people of country have already seen through the games of UPA government and punished it severely in the Vidhan Sabha elections held in five states. He said that laying of white paper on black money on the third anniversary of UPA II was symbolic representation of Congress party’s involvement in multi lakh crore scams.
He said that this white paper was exercise in futility by the corrupt Congress led UPA government as count down has already begun for dumping the most corrupt government of independent India in oblivion.

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