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               To retain the voting right of Sehajdhari Sikhs in the SGPC the Sehajdhari Sikh party has fought a long legal battle for the  last nine years and ultimately won the case when the full bench of the Punjab & Haryana High Court delivered a judgment in their favour quashing the notification of the Central Govt. The Judgment has created a serious situation in the Sikh circles as the present ruling faction Akali Dal Badal had a major setback and their 170 elected members of the SGPC had become virtually functionless as the entire election process was subject to the writ petition of the Sehajdharis. Though the SGPC has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of India but no relief has been granted to them as the Apex Court has denied any stay on the Judgment of the Punjab & Haryana High Court. On the other side the security provided to Dr.P.S.Ranu National President of the Sehajdhari Sikh Party by the Punjab Police was withdrawn on 2may 2012 without any notice. The Sehajdhari Sikh Party has already written to the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and the ADGP Security on 3rd may thereby bringing the matter into their notice but no action has been taken for which now they have written to the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and the Union Law Minister that they have no faith in the State Govt. and adequate security be provided from any Central agency. This was a part of conspiracy and pressure tactic to withdraw the case from the Supreme Court says Dr.Ranu. It’s a vendetta politics as the Sehajdharis has supported Congress in the Vidhan Sabha elections after withdrawing its 21 candidates from the fray.

                Dr.Ranu was the main petitioner in the case in the High Court and he was provided security from 2003 as he was under life elimination threats from various Hard core fanatic Sikh Organizations and banned radical groups of Sikh terrorists which were pressurizing him to withdraw the case. Many times the ruling Govt. has withdrawn his security and re-instated it and now again his security has been withdrawn without any notice in spite of the threats looming at large as the case is pending adjudication before the Supreme Court of India and the next date is 26 july.

                   SGPC, the religious body with 675 crores of annual budget with its 170 recently elected members is in a critical situation as the Apex Court has declared them functionless and only the Executive Committee of 15 members of the Old House have been allowed to carry out the day to day workings of the SGPC. All the decisions are being taken in anticipation for ratification from the General House , but whether they will be ratified, is a suspense. This situation of the SGPC is supposed to be created by the Sehajdhari Sikh Party as the elections held were subject to their writ petition of voting rights and now the writ petition has been decided in their favour. This is a main reason for which the threats are at large as the 170 Members  recently elected have been made to sit at home.


1.      The Prime Minister of India

                                      New Delhi.

2.      Sh.P.Chidambram

Union Minister of Home Affairs,

Govt. Of India N-Delhi

3.      Sh.Salman Khurshid,

Minister of Law & Justice

Govt. of India, N-Delhi


Sub:   Request to provide security from any Central agency as the State has Withdrawn my Security without any notice, inspite of threats looming at large from Fanatic Sikh Organizations and radical groups of Terrorist Sikh Organization.


Respected Sir,

                   I am the National President of Sehajdhari Sikh Party (formerly known as Sehajdhari Sikh Federation)which is a registered political party by the Election Commission of India. I was the petitioner in the Punjab & Haryana High Court contesting for the voting Rights of the Sehajdhari Sikhs in the SGPC and our party has won the case in the High Court and now the SGPC has filed an Appeal in the Supreme Court of India where the Hon’ble Supreme Court has not  granted any Stay on the High Court Judgment rather the recently elected 170 members of the general House of SGPC have been rendered Functionless.



I am receiving threatening calls from Terrorist Sikh Organizations like Babbar Khalsa and International Sikh Youth Federation and various other Fanatic Sikh Organizations like Dal Khalsa etc to backout and leave the subject.  Already DDR reports/FIRS regarding the threats are on record at Police Station Phase-8 Mohali, Police Station Sector 45 Burail Chandigarh and Police Station Raikot Distt. Ludhiana. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the case and due to threat perceptions I was provide two PSO’s by the SSP Ludhiana Rural, but now my Security has been withdrawn on 2/May/2012 without any notice.


I am without security since last two weeks and the threats are still at large as the case relating to the voting rights of the Sehajdhari Sikhs is still pending for adjudication before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the next date of hearing is 26th July 2012.


My Party has supported the Indian National Congress Party in the Vidhan Sabha Elections by withdrawing our 21 candidates in favour of Congress and as a result of Vendata Politics my security has been withdrawn under some high and well planned conspiracy to harm me even when the threats from the other oppositions loom out large and the police is playing with my security issue. This seems to be like a pressure tactic to submit or withdraw from the contest in Supreme Court.


My  rivals are observing my movements and  may cause harm to my person and property and even can go to an extent of ending my life at any time as their newly elected House of 170 Members has become non-functional due to me and their Institution of Rs 700 crore per@ budget has entered into a legal crisis .  They are deadly against me and can harm me and my family in any way. Even the local police are aware of the movements of my political rivals and the intelligence has warned me on several occasions, to be very careful while moving with the public in public places and also while attending Courts and in discharge of my public duties.


Considering threat perceptions to my life, I had already been provided with security to protect my life from fanatic miscreants, political rivals and their associates. In the past I was provided security round the clock based on evaluation of the threat perception from fanatic radical Sikh organizations and banned terrorist Sikh Organizations. Lastly my security was reduced to a single armed gun-man to protect my life but as to how and why it has been taken away when threat perceptions are still continuing and warranting provision of security.


Keeping in view the facts and circumstances enumerated above, after a review of security needs and in accordance with the prevalent policy for provision of security to protected person and review of threat perception, appropriate directions may kindly be issued to provide  armed gun-men/adequate security from any central agency to protect me and my family immediately as If any thing un-towards happens to me the Government of State of  Punjab shall be held squarely responsible for the same. I have no faith in the State Govt. now.


Revered regards

                                                                                                   Dated: 21/5/2012


Dr.Paramjeet Singh Ranu

National President

Sehajdhari Sikh Party

H.O: 622/9, Near Telephone Exchange Raikot, (Ludhiana)
Sub Off:   K.No-1081, Sector 69,  Mohali

Phone No.9888071530

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