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DPS Students indulged in activities, learning about conservation of Wildlife

Amritsar May 22, 2012(BY RASHMI TALWAR):        

‘A country is known by the way it treats its animals’. Following this theme of Wildlife Conservation by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Delhi Public School organized several activities for junior students , to sensitize and connect them to their environment and bring in awareness about their role in world.Inaugurating the programme School Principal Mrs Sangeeta Singh,  addressed the students about the WWF working and special drives and programmes for conservation wherein India began Wildlife species conservation in early 70s with the initiation of the Tiger Conservation Programme.   Subsequently, in June 2000, WWF India diversified into conservation programmes aimed at conserving Asian Elephant and Rhino through a landscape conservation approach. WWF-India is also addressing species conservation through field level activities in different landscapes as well as through direct interventions aimed at conserving a particular species”. The principal in her address added –“All over the world, wildlife was in grave danger, mostly due to what we call the process of civilization.” The students were also given information about endangered species.
Students of Class I – undertook the project of collecting dry leaves and arranging them in shapes of animals forming a full zoo and by making the best used of waste the message of conserving wildlife was highlighted thus.
Similarly, for students of Class –II a special “Tree Talk” was organized under a banyan tree and stories about trees were narrated giving their pros and cons as well as moral in conservation of Global Flora and stressed that ‘nothing exists in isolation, but only in relation to other forms of life’.
Class-3 students indulged in slogan writing on “Save Wildlife” while students of class IV and V created a collage on ‘endangered species” wherein they were acquainted about the methods to save endangered species.
The programmes were a week-long activity to educated students on environment conservation, informed the principal.


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