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DPS organizes Counseling Session for special and other students

Amritsar 29th May 2012:By Rashmi Talwar
As many as five-special students including slow learners and hearing impaired of Delhi Public School were given counseling session along with their parents and teachers by noted counselor Ms. Veena Oberoi from Delhi. The counselor guided parents on ways to tackle their wards with academic and behavioral problem and emphasized on building up their self esteem.
The school principal Mrs Sangeeta Singh while introducing the counselor said that Ms Veena Oberoi specializes in counseling visually handicapped students & guides them to pursue higher studies and has 45 such students in colleges and 50 were ready to join college.
At DPS Ms Oberoi counseled students from class 8th to 12th and guided them on enhancing 10-skills such as self-awareness, problem-solving, decision-making, interpersonal, empathy, coping with stress associated with everyday events.
Skills to manage and enjoy daily lifestyle were illustrated through short stories, real life experiences and role modeling techniques. Important strategies to reform the dynamics of the classroom and building strong teacher-student relationship were also taken up and development of abilities to identify and express empathy for others were suggested.
The counselor laid much emphasis on “appreciating kids.” She interacted with students on topics of peer pressure, Study habits, focusing on goals, setting targets etc. In an exclusive session with girls she guided them on identifying a good touch and a bad touch. Thereafter various activities of coloring, drawing were undertaken to understand student’s mindset.

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