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Cremation in gas fired (LPG) crematorium is picking up

        Amritsar :Cremation in gas fired (LPG) crematorium is picking up. After
Beebi Surinder Kaur a great plant lover had willed before her death
and  was cremated at Shamshan Sewa Smittee Chatiwind Gate ( also known
as  Shaheedan) Amritsar, many other have preferred to be cremated in
this system. A very senior retired Doctor Paramjit Singh Garewal from
the medical college Amritsar,who died yesterday his body was preserved
in the electric Machine and was cremated here Today in the gas fired
crematorium in presence of hundreds of senior doctors,people from
business community and elite members of the society of Amritsar and
from far away places. It be known to the people here that Electric
machines are available at this cremation ground and at Shivpuri
(Durgiana Temple) and can be asked for from there. The Machines are
delivered at home in which dead body can be preserved for any number
of days without using ice slabs which melt very quickly in summers and
under the fans. Third unit at Tarantarn is also working where Nine
dead bodies were received for cremation on 26 June 2012.Cremation had
to be performed with wood and gas as in Tarantaran no electric Machine
is available for to preserve dead bodies there.
P.S. Bhatty
Pollution Control Committee
/ Missionaries Khudai Khidmatgaran

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