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CHANDIGARH, JUNE 29: Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia, Revenue, Public Relations Minister and President Youth Akali Dal today lambasted Congress Party for reducing the sanctity of zero hour in the Vidhan Sabha by raising the issues not of public interest and treating the sacred floor of Punjab Vidhan Sabha as Recording studio.
          Referring to the unfortunate ‘Singing Bout’ of Congress MLA during zero hour, Mr. Majithia said instead of using zero hour for public interest, Congress Party has stooped so low that its MLAs supported by his party MLAs,  has started singing to seek few headlines. He said that every Congress worker has realized that ground was slipping below their feet and the ship of Congress Party was sinking too fast, to be comprehended by them. He said that first total decimation in Vidhan Sabha polls and ‘Zero Peformance’ in the civic elections, considered the fiefdom of Congress Party as demoralized the Congress Party to an extent that they have started abnormal exercises just to attract media attention. He said that Congress workers were so demoralized that they were mentally prepared for total wash out in Parliamentary Election of 2014. He said that Congress legislator should not be blamed for not raising issue of Public interest and singing song instead as total party was issueless and they were using the practice of ‘zero hour’ to settle their internal contradictions in the party instead of focusing on interest of people, who have elected them for this sacred duty. He said that people of Punjab during last five and half year have witnessed the fact that Congress Party was devoid of any issues and was concentrating on issues of ‘personal interests and personal business ventures’.
 He said that the members of Constituent Assembly of our Constitution had had allowed the practice of ‘Zero Hour’, so that representatives of people could be allowed to rake up issues of utmost public importance which were otherwise not covered under Vidhan Sabha Rules for a specific motion. He said that it was unfortunate that Congress Party has used the practice of zero hour for slanging match instead of focusing on public interest.
          Referring to the honest admission made by Mr. Mohammad Sadique before his singing exposition in the ‘Zero Hour’, Mr. Majithia said that even Congress rank and file has admitted the fact that Punjab was safe only in the hands of Mr. Parkash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal. He said that the views of Mr. Sadique were reflection of public mood that has given thumbs up to SAD-BJP government.  He said that it was for the first time that Congress MLA has admitted the fact Mr. Parkash Singh Badal was loved by every citizen of Punjab and he was the messiah of poor people of the state. He said that he has stated on the record that whosoever has gone to house of Chief Minister has not come back empty handed. He said that this assertion by Congress MLA has nailed the repeated lies of vendetta politics being alleged by their leadership.
Mr. Majithia said that SAD-BJP Government under the leadership of Mr. Parkash Singh Badal and Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal by focusing on all issues concerning the welfare of public have left Congress Party to dangle their favourite ‘Khoonda’.  He said that people of Punjab have reposed their faith in SAD-BJP Government as they felt that Shiromani Akali Dal has a vision and ability to take Punjab on the pinnacle of glory. Mr. Majithia said that Congress Party instead of reading the pulse of people of Punjab and work constructively with the government has reduced sacred floor of Vidhan Sabha as ‘recording studio’, in frustration. He said that day is not far off, when they would start dancing in the house as they have no issue to raise.
Calling upon Congress leadership to introspect for their failure and connect with people to understand their problems instead of raising frivolous issues, Mr. Majithia said that if the performance of Congress Party in the Vidhan Sabha was any indicator, it was suggesting total decimation of Congress Party in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

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