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Press statement of Sukhpal Singh Khaira Ex-MLA

Subject: – Retort to Sh. Bikram Majithia on the issue of illegal sand mining and quarrying trade and his sarcastic personal comments on me.          Allegations of state sponsored ‘loot’ of public exchequer by political mafia on the issue of illegal sand mining and quarrying has not only rocked the Vidhan Sabha many times but has been immensely highlighted by the media as well. It is common knowledge that political leaders of both parties have deep vested interest in this scandalous trade. All such brazen and gross violations are not possible without the knowledge and support of the Chief Minister.
          Therefore the shameless and feeble attempt of Sh. Bikram Majithia to defend the govt. of no wrong doing in the mining business is nothing but a bundle of lies. The public exchequer is loosing more than Rs.500 crores on account of political mafia hijacking this trade.
          If Sh. Majithia has the audacity, will and courage let the govt. order either a CBI probe or a judicial inquiry headed by a judge of the High Court and the truth will prevail.
In so far the issue raised by me repeatedly during the previous Vidhan Sabha is concerned, I wish to set the record straight that I stand by each word of mine. In fact the family of the Chief Minister not only has vested interest in the mining business but the trades of transport, cable network( read PTC channel) and bulk liquor have also been hijacked by the Badal family. Let the govt. order appropriate and independent probes into all this and the truth will definitely prevail.
          Replying to sarcasm about me that I am now in political wilderness, I wish to remind Sh. Majithia that he should not forget that he is a minister today due to his sister’s relationship with Sh. Sukhbir Badal and not due to any quality of his own. Prior to his sister getting married into the Badal family, the Majithia family were both politically as well as financially bankrupt. I do issue based  politics on my own strength while Sh. Majithia has the backing of the Badal clan and the state government machinery.
          The fact is that feudals on both sides of the political spectrum in Punjab have ruined the polity. They have polluted the electoral politics and spread the drug and money power across the state. All unresolved issues of the people including education, heath, unemployment, drugs, road accidents etc. have taken a back seat and personality cult has come to the fore. We have been watching Badal-Amarinder mudslinging for the last 15 years. These feudals have very cleverly diverted the attention of the electorate to suit their vested interest and Sh. Majithia is one such small feudal in this big money-power game.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira


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