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  The Doctor-patient scenario has undergone a marked change in the last couple of decades. Ease and speed of communication, physical as well as through the media, have contributed positively to the situation in their own way. Medical research and advancement have modernized our healthcare significantly but have also brought increased costs and overheads as necessary concomitant.
                            The need of the hour is to understand the system and make the most of it without falling a victim to propaganda or deliberate misunderstanding. Doctors are primarily for your help in all situations involving pain and suffering. This trust is the foundation of the relationship and it must be maintained as such. This is my message to all the people who we work tirelessly to serve, which should be every doctor’s renewed commitment and life mission on this Doctor’s day.
    Dr. RPS Boparai    State Awardee(Punjab Govt. Parman patra 2002)
        Nishan-e-Khalsa Recipient (Tricentenary celebration 1999)
                Medical Director and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon,
Boparai Dukhniwaran Hospital and Medical Institute Asr
Ex. Prof and Head Of Orthopaedics, Trauma and PMR and
Medical Superintendent, Govt. Medical College Amritsar

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