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CHANDIGARH, JULY 2:The Punjab Government today issued instructions to all the departments to implement IFMS (Integrated Financial Management System), fully.

Disclosing this here, Finance Minister Mr. Parminder Singh Dhindsa said that IFMS project has already been implemented in the state and all Financial Commissioners, Administrative Secretaries and Secretaries have been apprised about the establishment of special User ID and Login for every departmental head.

He said that the budgetary statistics relating to all departments has already been uploaded on the IFMS application. He said that HODs have been asked to check budget of the concerned department on the IFM System. Finance Minister said that HODs should be fully acquainted with every DDO of their department regarding this scheme. He said that heads of department have been instructed to ensure the approval for temporary vacant posts of their concerned departments be also entered in the IFMS.

Mr. Dhindsa said that Accountant General, Punjab has apprised that most of the departments got budget under those schemes for which the departments do not get the prior approval of Accountant General. He said that every department has been asked to approach Finance Department for getting prior approval of Accountant General. Finance Minister said that all Finance Commissioners, Administrative Secretaries and Secretaries to promptly act in accordance with the IFMS project.
No. PR-12/416

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